DoorDash customers can now order food from their favorite restaurants — even if they live across the country. The company announced that consumers can order all types of food, including meals, desserts, fresh produce, and also flowers. 

As of November 8, participating restaurants and vendors can have their goods shipped to customers nationwide, via DoorDash. There is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, including some very well-known places like Carbone, Katz’s Delicatessen, Get Maine Lobster, and Carlo’s Bakery.

Through the DoorDash app, there is now a section labeled “shipping” where customers can find different options eligible for nationwide shipping. DoorDash will offer free delivery from almost anywhere, in just a few short days. DoorDash is offering 25% off of customers’ first two orders, up to $30.

Doordash is one of the first companies to recently start offering this service, besides Goldbelly, which has been delivering a variety of popular foods since 2013. Goldbelly saw major success during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they added over 400 restaurants since the start of the pandemic. With nationwide shipping, Goldbelly has been able to expand the business model of hundreds of restaurants, allowing them to reach customers they otherwise wouldn’t. DoorDash is now also looking to capitalize on the demand for nationwide shipping.

It will be interesting to see how DoorDash performs, compared to Goldbelly, who already has over 850 restaurants on their platform. Additionally, depending on the success of this move, DoorDash may see that nationwide shipping is a more profitable model than local restaurant delivery.

In 2019, DoorDash acquired delivery app Caviar, which gave the company control of about 57 percent of the American food delivery market, according to Bloomberg. By offering nationwide delivery, DoorDash continues to challenge its popular competitors — UberEats and GrubHub.

Mark Murrell, CEO of Get Maine Lobster, is very excited to be partnering with DoorDash in light of their Nationwide shipping launch. He said, “We love what we do and can’t wait to grow our business thanks to the power and reach of their platform,” in a statement