Here at Spoon St Andrews, we love our guacamole. Avocado alone is already an amazing superfood, but add some extra flavor, mash it, scoop it up with a chip and you’ve got a deliciously simple snack that is an incredible crowd pleaser.

Unfortunately, the St Andrews guac scene is seriously lacking. Tesco guac definitely won’t do, with a texture that almost disqualifies it from being considered guac in the first place. Most of the places in town that sell good nachos – Whey Pat, The Vic, etc. – don’t even have an option for guac at all (which should be causing way more protests and outrage, in my humble opinion).

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’re going to get you what you’ve been dreaming of: some high quality guacamole. On Thursday, February 25th at 8pm at Rascal’s Bar, Spoon St Andrews will be hosting our first annual guac off: Don’t Guac 2016. Tickets are £3, and include a sampling of the best guacamole the students of St Andrews have to offer. It will be a blind tasting, where attendees get to rank their favorites and the top 3 contestants go home with fabulous prices (wine from Luvian’s, anyone?) from some of our favorite St Andrews food and beverage stores.

To buy tickets or enter, please email, with a subject of either “Don’t Guac Tickets” or “Don’t Guac Entry”. Spaces are limited, so do email to reserve in advance.


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