With the presidential election right around the corner, there is no way to escape the constant media coverage of the two crazy characters running for president and Halloween is no exception. If you're into gremlin looking Jack O'Lanterns look no further than a Donald Trump pumpkin, the"Trumpkin." 

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Last Halloween, Jeanette Paras, an artist from Dublin, Ohio transformed a 374 pound pumpkin into a portrait of the Republican Presidential Nominee and the internet exploded.

Since last Halloween, Trump's media coverage and offensive remarks have sky rocketed, obviously increasing the popularity of the Trumpkin.

There are many ways to achieve the spooky Trumkpin look to scare away all those evil spirits like Trump himself. You can paint the pumpkin like Paras does or since the pumpkins are the same color as Trump's skin, you can skip the paint and just carve right into it

If you're not trying to scare away the trick-or-treaters, feel free to throw in some other peoplekins. Add a Hilary pumpkin like below or replicate one of the debates and maybe throw an Anderson Cooper in there as well. However,

If you celebrate this holiday, whatever you do, be sure to "Make Halloween Great Again."

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