If you haven’t heard about Donald Trump by now, good for you. The man (and Republican nominee for POTUS) that turned the 2016 Election on its head has dominated the media for over a year now, so if you haven’t heard about him, I’m proud of ya.

Along with being an extremely controversial figure, Trump has some distinctive features that, in my eyes, resemble foods. Because even when I get political, food is always on my mind.

So here are some foods that I think look a tad like the man everyone’s talking about (and won’t stop talking about), Donald Trump.

1. Pumpkin Pie

‘Tis the season, am I right? While pumpkin spice may be the most overdone food trend since avocado toast (sorry to all the fans), The Donald's skin tone and complexion bears a striking resemblance to pumpkin pie and the pumpkin puree used to fill one.

Can't you see it?

2. Corn on the Cob

When it’s pumpkin season, it’s corn season, they go hand-in-hand. Fun fact: the little hair-like tuft at the top of corn is called the tassel, and it happens to look like Donald Trump’s lovely locks blowing in the wind. Luckily, we don’t eat the tassel.

3. The Infamous Taco Salad Bowl

As ironic as it is, Donald Trump looks like the very taco bowl he used in that now infamous Facebook post from May 5, otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo, in an attempt to draw in Latino voters. Not sure if that tactic worked out for him, but Trump and his taco bowl definitely look like they could be distant relatives.

#SpoonTip: taco bowls are actually delish.

4. Cotton Candy

His hair is unique in itself and the texture of it takes me back to the cotton candy at the amusement park you begged your mom to get you as a kid. It’s one of his most made-fun-of features, but seriously, you could serve it on a stick at Coney Island. Summer may be the time for cotton candy, but that sugary goodness is a perfect pick-me-up any time of year. 

I’m Helena Gonzalez, and I approve this message.