My name is George and I just started a pizza Instagram account called Slice of SF (that is San Francisco for you east coasters out there). A few months after graduating, I have decided to re-live my glory years by sharing the veteran, Lexington-pizza knowledge I worked diligently to collect. I was born in New York and consider myself a connoisseur of sorts, so I hope you consider my reflections. Here are the Lexington pizza power rankings from worst to best:


You choose Domino’s for convenience and accessibility. The smell of that crust can be unsettling, and unless you order extra sauce, it won’t cut it. Luckily, they are customizable and bringing the food delivery world into the future! Underrated choice is the Brooklyn style crust but regardless, order with a veteran to maximize your experience. At best, this is a 6.9 and at worst, a 1.4.

Papa John’s

The Papa just is not good. It has two redeeming qualities: pepperoncini and “garlic sauce” (read: synthetic butter). This thing is so doughy it could pay your W&L tuition. 3.4.


This is basically Frank’s but is less convenient. The slices are pretty sizable and very greasy. Stick to subs here to avoid disappointment (which are actually better than Frank’s). 4.7.


I struggled with this one because Frank’s will always hold a special place in my heart. However, that is mainly because of the subs. The pizza is floppy and doughy. To call this NY pizza is saddening. BUT, when you’ve been in Lexington for a few months, you don’t know any better, right? The one thing I support is their Super Bowl special. Frank’s, sorry, 5.1.

Pizza Hut

I love Pizza Hut, I’ll say it. If you say you don’t like cheesy crust, you are a liar (which isn’t tolerated at W&L...). This is a great choice for a rough weekend wake up and they have deals on deals. Also, for some reason those little bumps all over the bottom make it taste better. 6.1.


I’ve never eaten somewhere less consistent. One day, they can bust out a high 7 and another a low 2. It's all about who makes your pizza here. Overall, the mediocre cheese and the overly sweet sauce brings the rating down. But it's still good. 6.2.

JJ’s Meat Shack

Scarcity value drives this rating up. Only available a few days a week, the wood fired pies here are delicious and worth the wait. The fact that you can throw their delicious BBQ on it is an added bonus. Even without, they take care in what they do. Check out JJ’s pizza. Rating: 8.1.


They remind me of my transformation from 8th to 9th grade (maybe I’m a late bloomer?). What used to be disappointing, bland, and unmotivated has matured into thoughtful, artistic, creative, and flavorful. The new and improved Salerno’s gets an 8.2. Keep it up.

That’s a review. Thanks for reading my Lexington pizza power rankings. Go Gennies! Go pizza power! 

Disclaimer: based on spring 2018 experiences.