If you’ve been to your on-campus dining hall more than three times, you know it can become a repetitive cycle of unseasoned sadness.  But with a few tips and a little creativity, you can put spice back into your dine-in meals that will make you look forward to eating on campus. Check these out.

The Elvis


Photo by Karina Rao

The waffle iron is your friend. Trust me on this; it really is worth those few awkward moments of not knowing what to do with yourself while you anxiously wait for the flashing red light of the iron.  To make this mouth-watering sandwich, slather on peanut spread, slice up a banana, and if it’s breakfast time (or they happen to have bacon in the burger line), layer on a few pieces. Fold the waffle in half and experience that burnin’ love.

Baked Cinnamon Raisin Apple (a la Mode)


Photo by Karina Rao

This is the perfect treat for those rogue days when Texas decides it wants to be cold. In a small bowl, mix 2 spoonfuls of brown sugar, 1 spoonful of raisins and 1 spoonful of oats.  Hollow out an apple to remove the seeds, but be careful not to cut through the bottom. Scoop the mixture into the apple, put some butter on top and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes. Make it infinitely better with vanilla ice cream.

 Not Quite So Sweet Potato Pie


Photo by Karina Rao

One of my favorite sides on Thanksgiving is my mom’s famous Sweet Potato Pie. Small confession: it’s basically dessert. To make a lighter, significantly-less-satisfying-to-the-sweet-tooth-yet-still-delicious version, open a sweet potato and top with granola, honey, and cinnamon from the waffle line. Maybe even add some marshmallows from the coffee machine station.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Milkshake


Photo by Karina Rao

Grab a tall glass and head over to the ice cream machines. Mix in 1 ladle of chocolate syrup, 1 ladle of strawberry sauce and about a ¼ cup of milk. Top with whipped cream if it is offered, but if not, oh well. You can add more or less milk if you want it thicker or thinner.


So, next time you go to the dining hall, look around and see what you can put together. I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised when you figure out just how good your dining hall dessert can be. Your stomach will thank you. Oh, and your wallet will thank you too.