One of the best things about living close to Disneyland is being able to see (and taste) the magic of the park throughout the seasons. At Halloween, everything gets spooky and pumpkin-flavored. At Christmas, though, the food is even better, and the magic of the season gets delivered directly to our faces through creative and festive treats. Of the many crave-worthy options on Disneyland's Christmas menu this year, one stands out among the rest: Churro Toffee. 

No, Seriously, Churro Toffee

Julie Tremaine

English Toffee is one of Disneyland's signature treats. Another of its signature treats? Churros. You can find them all over both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. (Side note: Disneyland is the name of the park in California that's the equivalent of Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando, but it's also the name of the entire California destination, which also encompasses California Adventure, which is a separate park, like Animal Kingdom is in Florida. I know, it's confusing.) In Florida, you can only find churros at a couple of places, like the Mexico pavilion in Epcot, and they don't compare to what you find in California. At Disneyland, they're everywhere, and they're delicious. There are the regular churros, which are available all year, but also about a million seasonal flavors and on-trend iterations, like this rose gold churro pictured below. 

So it only makes sense that Disney would take the classic churro flavor profile—cinnamon and sugar—and add it to other treats. It's the ultimate representation of the flavors of Disneyland: its signature churros, and its signature ability to add more sugar to anything to make it feel more seasonal. Churro Toffee is classic English toffee, covered in white chocolate and sprinkled generously with churro spices. I'm biased in that I like anything toffee-flavored, but this treat is very good by any standards. It's cinnamon-y and sweet, but it's balanced by the savory and buttery flavors of the toffee itself.

Best Eaten Where It's Most Festive

Julie Tremaine

Because Disney is spectacular at making things limited to increase demand, this treat is only available at one candy store inside one of the parks: Trolley Treats inside Disney's California Adventure. It's on the main street leading into the park, where the giant Christmas tree is, and where the trolley runs in a loop, carrying performers who sing Christmas carols.

But What If You Can't Go To Disneyland This Month?

Don't despair. If you can't get to the one specific candy shop inside Disney's California Adventure between now and January 8, you can still enjoy Churro Toffee with this copycat recipe from Disney Hungry. But seriously, if you can go, go. It's that good.