Let's face it, Disneyland food is worth, but less worth if you aren't already there enjoying everything else Disneyland has to offer. So since my relocation to Las Vegas, I can't say that I've been willing to drive 4 hours and pay $100+ cover charge to enjoy their amazing cuisine on a random day I have class (I have no issues with those who disagree). 

And for anyone else that may get the occasional Disneyland food craving (or just a Disney craving), here's a list of some places that cater to just a few of the many food items that Disneyland also offers.

1) Monte Cristo Sandwich from Truffles N Bacon Cafe

Although this Monte Cristo Sandwich may not have the same fluffy, yet crunchy, exterior that the Disneyland one has, it should be able to hold you over until your next suicide trip to Anaheim. 

2) (Coffee) Mint Julep from PublicUs

A twist on the Disneyland favorite, this mint julep comes with an extra jolt for all you sleep-deprived college students. And since Vegas is not Vegas without a bit of booze, you can also check out Oak & Ivy to enjoy their alcoholic version of a mint julep as well.

3) Churros from Art of Flavors

Art of Flavors does their churros right. Their churros are not only a great deal and fresh, but the employees will make it right there in front of you. 

4) Beignets from Bouchon Bakery 

Jasmine Lim

Although I try to avoid the Las Vegas Strip as much as possible, I have to say that I will make the trip for Bouchon Bakery's beignets. These beignets are sugar coated and raspberry filled bites of greatness.

Check out this recipe on how to make the iconic Mickey Mouse shaped beignets at home.

5) Dole Whip from Pineapple Park

cream, ice, banana, sweet, milk
Jasmine Lim

And to end my list I have to include the coveted Dole Whip. Pineapple Park does Dole Whip just as well, but without the line (an maybe with slightly less pizazz). I opted for the simple soft serve, but have no fear, Pineapple Park also has the Dole Whip Float option. 

Now, as a disclaimer, nothing will ever compare to certain Disneyland food items or just the experience overall. This list should just provide you with an alternative until you are able to plan your next Disneyland trip. 

And as much as I wish I had found the perfect alternative to Disneyland's bread bowls, cream cheese pretzels, corn dogs, it looks like I will still have to wait for those delicacies or settle for Panera or Wienerschnitzel for now.