Whether it be the movies, the theme parks, or Mickey Mouse himself, there’s something about Disney that makes adults want to be children again, or simply makes them crave a Mickey-shaped pretzel. What do your favorite Disney characters love to eat?

1. Jasmine – Sultan’s Delight


Photo courtesy of fanpop.com and surfingtheworldcuisine.com

Jasmine is the Sultan’s daughter, therefore she is his delight. Sultan’s Delight is a Turkish dish comprised of a creamy, mashed potato-like eggplant purée with succulent braised lamb on top. Jasmine and Aladdin love this dish after a long magic carpet ride.

2. Mr. Incredible – Cherry Chocolate Protein Shake


Photo courtesy of jackflacco.com and Photo by Kelli Haugh

To keep in tip-top shape, Bob needs to have a lot of protein shakes. His favorite is this Cherry Chocolate Shake that keeps Mr. Incredible going after a long battle fighting alongside his super family.

3. Snow White – Apfelpfannkuchen


Photos courtesy of 7-themes.com and londonmumsmagazine.com

Snow White is known for making an apple pie, but why would she be making apple pie if she is German? She should have been making Apfelpfannkuchen when the witch showed up at her window. Apfelpfannkuchen is a baked German apple pancake that would be much more appropriate for our German princess.

4. Mickey Mouse and the Gang – Corn Dog Muffins 


Photo courtesy of topcartooncharacters.com and Photo by Julia Liang

“Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.” While Mickey and his friends are in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, they love eating freshly grilled hot dogs. If you don’t have a grill you can make some corn dog muffins and feel like part of the gang.

5. Mulan – Mushu’s Rice Porridge 


Photo courtesy of socialnewsdaily.com and Photo by Shanshan Mei

Who wouldn’t want to have this smiley face looking at up at you every morning? Since Mulan needed this breakfast to survive military training, it is perfect to eat before taking on the day.

6. Kuzco – Peruvian Grilled Chicken


Photos courtesy of comicvine.com and eatingyourcontent.com

Boom baby. Ruling the Incan Empire can be tough work for Kuzco, so he always has his chefs make him Peruvian Grilled Chicken for when he is feeling hungry.

7. Merida – Scotch Eggs


Photos courtesy of fanpop.com and addmorebutter.com

Merida is badass princess who “don’t need no man.” Her favorite food is definitely a Scotch Egg because they are easy to take on the go when galloping through the Scottish Highlands with her Queen Elinor.

8. Darla – Vegemite


Photo courtesy of pixarvillains.wikia.com and Photo by Lauren Thiersch

Remember the horrible child from Finding Nemo who almost killed Nemo? That is Darla, and she would love Vegemite because there is something sour about both of them. You can learn how to eat Vegemite here.

9. Belle – Croissant


Photos courtesy of cosmopolitan.com and Photo by Kana Hamamoto

While this is pretty basic, Belle just likes a really good croissant from her local boulangerie. There is always a basket of them on the table when she eats breakfast with Adam (who is the Beast FYI).

10. Woody – The perfect Superbowl chili


Photo courtesy of disney.wikia.com and Photo by Judy Holtz

Woody is a typical cowboy and loves his chili. This chili would satisfy his hunger after playing with Andy and the gang.

11. Tiana – Beignets


Photos courtesy of thguardian.com and hotchocolatehits.com

These are Tiana’s best-sellers at her restaurant in New Orleans. People go to her restaurant from everywhere for her world famous beignets.

12. Russell – Banana Chocolate Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of highdefnews.blogspot.com and Photo by Katherine Carroll

Russell spends afternoons sitting outside of Fenton’s Creamery with Mr. Fredricksen snacking on chocolate ice cream. You can make your own healthy and easy banana chocolate ice cream with only a few ingredients. I’m sure Russell would approve.

13. Moana – Kalua Pork


Photo courtesy of dianacastle.tumblr.com and kikukat.blogspot.com

This new brand new Disney princess is already causing waves and her movie hasn’t even come out yet. While waiting for her movie to premier, Moana is probably eating Kalua Pork, which is cooked in a pit underground. Make sure that you see Moana in theaters November 2016.

You know you love Disney, you know you love these characters, you know you love food, so mix them together with these recipes for your next Disney marathon.