Valentine’s Day is the holiday for love and kindness–well, now that those feelings have passed, let’s focus on the holiday coming up: April Fools Day! And what better weapon to use than the food in your kitchen? Toothpaste-filled Oreos are classic, but a tad overused. Here are a few new tricks your roommates won’t see coming.

Stapler in Jell-O

foodpranks 022

Photo by Kelly Redfield

If you had a love-affair with The Office then this trick is already resting in your heart. This prank takes time and effort, but nothing will say “I love you” to your roommates than finding their office supplies in a big blob of Jell-O.

1. Grab a big bowl, two packages of Jell-O and your roommate’s stapler.
2. Make the first Jell-O package.
3. Feeling kind? Wrap the stapler in saran wrap. Feeling devious? Skip this step.
4. When the Jell-O is slightly sticky, set the stapler on the surface.
5. Make the second package of Jell-O and pour it over the stapler.
6. Place the bowl in the fridge again and let set.
7. After three to four hours take the mold out and set it on your roommate’s desk.

Tinted Teeth

foodpranks 038

Photo by Kelly Redfield

If your roommates have good hygiene then this is a great trick to pull. It takes seconds to perform and if you’re lucky, they may be stupid enough to head to class with their teeth tinted blue, red or green. Success.

1. Grab food coloring and your friend’s toothbrush.
2. Put a small dot in the center of the toothbrush
3. Make sure to use the same color as the bristles!
4. Watch and laugh as your roommate yells at you with a colored mouth.

Counterfeit Cake

foodpranks 069

Photo by Kelly Redfield

Now that you’ve turned their teeth blue, why not “make up” for your debauchery by offering them something sweet. This trick is a piece of cake…but not literally. It’s actually just a sponge covered in icing.

1. Buy two sponges. (Car sponges work great!)
2. Cover the the sponge with icing.
3. Place the second sponge on top and cover again.
4. Add sprinkles and enjoy!

Sweet and Sour Coke

foodpranks 077

Photo by Kelly Redfield

Have a friend who can’t go a day without a coke? Here’s a hilarious prank to pull. And who knows? After this trick—if you’re lucky—they might thank you for finally breaking their addiction and saving their bank account.

1. Grab a Coke, Sprite and soy sauce.
2. Empty the Coke out and pour sprite into the empty bottle.
3. Add soy sauce until the sprite turns a dark brown or looks like coke.
4. Offer the drink to your friend and watch the addict take the bait.
5. Wait for it…
6. Tell your friend to clean up all that soy-sauced Sprite he or she just spit everywhere.

Practice perfecting these pranks and come April Fools you’ll be prank royalty.