In my experience, the way someone eats their pizza says a lot about them. Toppings, type of sauce, crust preference, are all key factors. Do they dip their pizza in ranch? Do they enjoy eating the crust? The art behind consuming pizza is pretty complex, and it just became even more complicated when someone dipped pizza in milk.

Yes, you read that right. Recently, BuzzFeed News released an article about the odd discovery. Twenty-year-old college student Mariam, who refused to give her last name, decided to experiment with pizza out of sheer boredom. Naturally, Mariam dipped pizza in milk.

Twitter users did not find the experiment to be funny in the slightest...

With the many questions forming in my head, I decided to attempt the controversial combination. Maybe Mariam was on to something amazing, and I wanted to see for myself.

My Experience

cheese, crust, pepperoni, pizza
Gabby Cano

I found myself heading over to the nearest convenience store to hunt down a carton of the finest chocolate milk. I figured chocolate milk would add sweetness, versus using regular milk.

Several dollars later, I grabbed my frigid bottle of milk and placed an order for pizza. Images of me developing a taste aversion to chocolate milk popped in my mind. This was all becoming too real. What if this changed the way I ate pizza forever?

Gabby Cano

If years of cookie-dipping taught me anything, I needed to dive right in. I took a fat slice of lukewarm pizza and gave it a hearty dip into the chilled cup of milk. After initial hesitation, I took my first soggy bite into the pizza.

crust, pepperoni, cheese, pizza
Gabby Cano

I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but it was bearable. The milk added a slight sweetness to the saltiness of the pizza, and it wasn't horrible. It was the pepperoni and the milk that did not mix well (bad move on my part). One bite was enough for me though, as I opted to keep the rest of my pizza and milk separate.

Final Thoughts

I get dipping pizza in ranch, or even hot sauce. I've even seen it used as a makeup remover. I do not understand how someone enjoys milk with their pizza. My piece of advice: stick with cookies and milk, or wash down a tall glass of milk with a PB&J. 

If you decide to be adventurous and try this combination, use a cold glass of chocolate milk. It may be a game changer if you refrigerate your pizza before dipping it in milk too. Either way, rather than hate the pizza dipper, I dare you to try it for yourself before jumping to conclusions.