Let’s be honest, we were all weird children. We had those strange “kid taste buds” that produced incredibly unique food combinations that made most adults gag. Some of my personal childhood favorites included jelly sandwiches (why I would ever betray peanut butter in such a way is far beyond me now), frozen peas and carrots (yep, straight from the freezer into my mouth), and pickled beets (I can’t even explain this one). While these foods were “delicious”, my absolute favorite thing to eat as a young whippersnapper was Quaker’s Dinosaur Eggs Oatmeal.

If you have no idea what this oatmeal is, then I feel incredibly sad for you. How have you survived so long without experiencing true joy? The answer is that you haven’t. Lucky for you I’m here to save the day and introduce you to a life of pure magical bliss. Let’s take this journey together…

Photo by Saige Hooker

When you first open Quaker’s Dinosaur Eggs Oatmeal, it appears to be just your average oatmeal—a packet of instant oats with a dash of brown sugar. But if you dig around a little more, you’ll notice something special. “What are those little white ovals?” you think to yourself. Those are dinosaur eggs, y’all!

As this realization dawns on you, you start to feel your world turn upside down. “Dinosaur eggs in oatmeal?” you think, “Why would anyone do that? That’s such a weird concept.” Oh, how wrong you are. Those little white ovals are chewy morsels of sugar encasing tiny dinosaurs made of sugar. You’re literally about to eat oatmeal with extra sugar. Cue the excitement.

Photo by Saige Hooker

Okay, we’ve reached the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Hatching season. Simply add water and microwave. Note: The oatmeal has to be hot enough to coax the little babies out of their shells. When their heads start emerging, your world starts changing. Do you see that? You are literally watching tiny sugar dinosaurs hatch out of eggs into your oatmeal. And they are delicious. Try to tell me that’s not amazing. Just try.