Who knew we had a dining hall website?

Not me. And apparently not many other Michigan students.

I was recently informed about this extensive website operated by the University of Michigan, which contains not only the meals available at campus dining halls each day, but also a detailed and customizable list of the nutritional information for each item. It allows students to browse meal options by menu, and also filter items based on allergies or any other dietary restrictions they may have.

The process is simple:

  1. Visit www.housing.umich.edu
  2. Click ‘Menus’ under the quick links on the right side of the page
  3. Select a dining hall and a date
  4. Simply scroll over any item to see its nutritional information

To test out my theory that this website is a largely unknown commodity, I spoke to freshman Alexander Goggins. He informed me that although he eats in dining halls daily, he previously had very little knowledge of this website. Goggins explained, “I never really worry about the nutritional facts, so as long as I am not starving, I usually trust that they are feeding me right.”
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If you are someone who is interested in the nutrition side of things, become friends with this website. Browse through the site in your COMM 101 lecture, or spend all of your free time there if you desire. Either way, don’t let it be a resource that goes unknown. These resources are here for us to use, so check ’em out and plan a meal or two.