It doesn't take long before you're sick of eating the same thing day after day in the Dining Hall. But, never fear, I'm here to share some dining hall hacks that will help you switch up your meals and may save you a couple bucks too.

1. Egg Sandwich

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Denise Uy

What’s not to love about an egg sandwich? To create your own, go get an omelet (great choice because you can add cheese) or scrambled eggs. Next, toast a bagel or toast. Put it all together and just like that, you have your very own McMuffin!

#SpoonTip: To really take your sandwich to the next level, put some bacon on it!

2. Ice Cream Sundae

Jordan Carson

Once you get your favorite ice cream, head over to the waffle station to take advantage of the numerous topping options. Whipped cream, chocolate chips, bananas (if you’re feeling healthy), the possibilities are endless! Here's who you can thank for this wonderful creation.

#SpoonTip: If you’re in the mood for lots of ice cream, trade the traditional ice cream bowl for a salad or soup bowl.

3. Ice Cream Sandwich

Jordan Carson

It’s indisputable that the Dining Hall has the best cookies ever. But what could make them even better? Ice cream! Grab two cookies, put some ice cream between them, and ta-da, you have a delicious dessert.

4. Chocolate Chip Waffles

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Maggie Lees

To get your chocolate chips warm and gooey, pour them directly into it the batter before you cook it. Feeling a little healthy? Cut up a banana and add it on top. Breakfast of champions!

5. Grilled Cheese

Jillian Eisel

A great feature of the sandwich bar is the panini press. If you’re vegetarian, or just in the mood for a nice sandwich to dip in the tomato soup, put some cheese on bread, press it, and you have the perfect grilled cheese.

#SpoonTip: Put a few different cheese flavors on to take your sandwich to the next level. You can also add veggies from the salad bar to create a veggie melt!

6. Breakfast to Go

Jillian Eisel

There is no way that I am getting up early before class to go eat breakfast in the dining hall (sleep is way more important). If you’re like me, next time you’re at the Dining Hall for dinner, grab a to-go container of cereal (and even a to-go cup of milk if you need it) and save it for the next morning. You can also grab some fruit for breakfast or a snack! 

7. Mixers and Chasers

Jordan Carson

If you’re going out, and you forgot to buy a mixer, head over to the dining hall. Bring a cup or grab a to-go cup and fill it to the top. Bottoms up.

Now that I have shared my secrets on how to #FinesseFurman, get out there and start hacking the DH like a pro!