My foray into the East Quad dining hall wasn’t so much a review as a social experiment.

I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that, like me, many other seniors haven’t seen the inside of a dorm dining hall since freshman year. So, it was with a mix of excitement, shame and a deep fear of being a Stephen Glansberg that I made my way through the doors of the East Quad dining hall for lunch.

After a short wait, I was in, and I was seriously excited. The new East Quad dining hall is like a playground for hungry, cash-strapped upperclassmen: all you can eat food, unlimited refills, coffee all day, and enough choices to satisfy any palate. Sure, it’s awkward being the only person in the room who can legally buy a beer, but I got over it pretty quickly.

Not half-bad pizza. Photo by Sarah Stettin

The food wasn’t five-star restaurant-quality (as we all know), but it was definitely a significant improvement from some of the questionable options offered at the old East Quad. Plus, having access to unlimited plates is every starved upperclassman’s idea of paradise.

Sure, I’ll take another. Photo by Sarah Stettin

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So between putting off work for your upper-level classes, hoping for that job interview call back and escaping your paralyzing fits of real world anxiety, the ease, nostalgia and value of a dining hall meal is really a no-brainer.