Jani Gross suffered from the same stress and crisis that many of us do while in college. When you have to keep up with classes, essays, a job and a social life, there might be a high chance that your body responds in its own defense. This Argentinian girl ― who now lives in New York City ― had a revelation after going through major digestive issues due to a hyper demanding lifestyle.

She realized she wasn't eating as healthy as she thought, and started making radical changes that she now shares on a very successful and- more importantly- honest Instagram account.

Spoon: How did you become Healthyfit.moodon?

Jani: I never thought of becoming an "Instagram influencer," it is still funny for me to call myself that. When I learnt about my digestive issues, I started cooking in an alternative way, a way that would fit my needs, that's how I found the magic of cooking healthy and fit and started the account to share my recipes, it was like a therapy for me... my friends enjoyed it too, so I kept doing it.

With time, people that I didn't know, started to like what I was doing, and I kept getting more and more followers. (And what's not to like, Jani makes amazing recipes with the most natural and healthy ingredients possible.) 

Spoon: How did the digestive issues started?

Jani: I went through a very hard time some years ago. I was putting a lot of pressure in every aspect of my life, college, work, family, and of course, food. I thought I ate in a healthy way, diet yogurt with fruits and cereal was my everyday fast food. When I started to feel the stomach aches were worst than ever, it just kept going bad.

From one moment to the other, anything I ate would feel terrible, I was way too bloated, I felt tired, moody, heavy all the time and I suffered from insomnia every night. I went to every doctor possible and no one would tell me what was going on, some would say it was stress, others that I should stop eating one thing or the other, but nothing was very specific. 

Marina Wollmann

Spoon: What did you do to feel better?

Jani: After going through some tests and trying alternative therapies and activities, I started to connect with myself and with food from a different place. I met an amazing nutritionist and read every book possible to finally understand what was going on. I recommend to try everything until you find your perfect fit.

Now I know what my body can handle, I have control over my well-being, and that feels amazing! I also started working out consciously, as before I was just doing cardio like crazy and didn't really understand that it wasn't the best option. My nutritionist became my business partner and we created nutrition and exercise guides together with a personal trainer. 

I started cooking, and now, it's one of the main parts of my life. I cook so much and make classic dishes with alternative ingredients. You can see that on my account.

Spoon: What do you recommend to people experiencing digestive issues?

Jani: Listen to your body, it is wiser than you think. Do research and do not despair, there are many books you can read and professionals that can help you sort out what is going on with your body. It's really a trial and error thing.

Never be ashamed and most importantly: start cooking! Also, relax and try to enjoy life, I'm gluten and lactose intolerant and sometimes I eat my favorite cake with all those ingredients, I smile and embrace my stomach ache!

Jani is a great inspiration for people suffering from problems in their digestive systems. Although her account is in Spanish, you can follow her and get creative cooking ideas, and if you happen to love one of her pictures, you can totally translate that recipe (thank you Google translate!).

She also does restaurant and product reviews that are available in the US, so go ahead and meet this generous and sweet girl.