Disclosure: There may be mini "Moana" spoilers, so you've been warned. 

Animal sidekicks in Disney films are nothing new, from Maximus in "Tangled" to Flounder in "The Little Mermaid." These pals bring films to life and add an extra layer of fantasy and adorableness. Because we undoubtedly love these furry companions, wouldn't it be weird if Kristoff from "Frozen" openly ate reindeer meat right in front of Sven? Or if someone threatened to cut off Thumper's foot for a charm?

The Contradiction in "Moana"

Of course, people eat the animals of some of the most famous Disney characters all the time. After all, there wasn't a fish strike after "Finding Nemo" came out.

The interesting part is that Disney itself would very clearly display this contradiction in a new and anticipated film. Throughout the entirety of "Moana," the audience is presented with two conflicting ideas: having animals as friends and eating them. 

What Exactly Am I Talking About?

Right off the bat, Moana is depicted as a thoughtful character. Nothing new for a Disney protagonist. 

What was new is the scene that has Moana saying "Mmm! That's good pork," followed by a screen filled with an incredibly sad Pua (the pig) looking up at her as Moana awkwardly tries to make an excuse and leaves. 

Just your typical bacon joke, right?

I was taken aback immediately. Not at her eating pork per say, but for the film openly highlighting the disconnect that so many people have between these adorable creatures and the normality of eating them.

So Should They Be Our Friends... Or Our Food?

Soon after in the movie, a local islander suggests eating Heihei, the lovable yet dumb chicken. Moana is quick to defend the poor soul by saying, "sometimes our strengths lie beneath the surface... I'm sure there's more to Heihei than meets the eye."

But where was this logic when she was eating a pig just a few moments ago?

This really stood out to me because it was a recurring theme rather than a typical one-liner.

For example, Maui not only obviously tries to fatten Heihei up to eat, but looks directly into the camera and says, "boat snack" before grabbing the poor chicken. Meanwhile, Moana refuses to let him eat the adorable sidekick throughout the film.

Let's be clear, I'm not suggesting that people who live on an island should eat a certain way. These thoughts pertain more to those watching at home in an area where wide food options are available.

Why I Took Notice

At 12 years old, I personally gave up eating meat for a simple reason: Animals are friends, not food. I have no doubt that the lovable characters in Disney films played a role in my decision to love all animals. 

Because of this, it's no surprise that the contradictions in "Moana" jumped out at me. Even if they weren't explicit to others, I hope subtle hints like these bring attention to the cognitive dissonance people experience when they consider what's on their plate.

Influencing Future Generations

Because of the impressionable nature of children, it's hard to imagine this was merely a coincidence on Disney's part. After all, a great quality about good movies is their thought-provoking nature.  

I know these incidents may have been few and far between, but when a company like Disney brings forth this paradox, I can't help but think it's yet another step toward lessening the normalization of eating animals in society.