I consider myself a risk taker. Especially when it comes to eating. I love trying new places and new foods. What I don’t love is D-hall. Ok, that’s a little harsh. I must say that they have been trying lately with the smoothies and ~creative~ salads at Emily’s. But seriously. This is my third year with a full meal plan. By the 3rd week of my freshman year I was already ready to be off a meal plan. Not just because the food and I don’t agree but also because I like to be able to eat a yogurt in my room or go out to dinner with friends without feeling like I’m, to put it in my mom’s words, "setting my parent’s money on fire for completely wasting my meal swipes". This year has been different because most of my friends are living in Northwoods or off campus. Somehow I have managed to keep the d-hall eating to a minimum, be it mooching off of them or my frequent trips to Fresh Market that keep my fridge full (Sorry mom and dad). So I decided to make myself a challenge. 15 meals. 5 days. One fork. One Knife. One me. And yes, that will be the title of my memoir.

Day One:


My first and only class on Monday’s is at 2:30. I sleep in, have an apple when I wake up and head to d-hall before class for breakfast/lunch. My lunchfast consisted of scrambled eggs, toast and melon. Not the best, not the worst.

cheese, toast, scrambled
Ruby Siegel


I went for a sandwich and they were out of whole wheat wraps. This is not going well. Help

Day Two:


Tuesday/Thursday is my usual yogurt from fridge in pajamas watching The Mindy Project day. Since that wasn’t happening today I headed to d-hall at 8:30 (a full 30 minutes before I usually leave) to eat breakfast. Unimpressed by the spread in front of me, I made my own ‘parfait’ with vanilla yogurt, granola and banana. I also has some melon. Pretty much what I would eat anyway. 10/10, would probs do again, but not at 8:30 am.

banana, oatmeal
Ruby Siegel


For lunch I had the Crispy Asian Slaw something salad. I spiced it up with some mandarin oranges. While the effort was pretty commendable I was left unsatisfied and grabbed a quick grilled cheese with avocado from the sandwich bar. Where does that leave me as I leave d-hall and walk to my next class? Craving chocolate. You can’t make this stuff up.

spinach, salad
Ruby Siegel
sandwich, avocado, pesto, cheese, tomato
Ruby Siegel

Pizza. Can't complain.

Day Three:


HUMP DAY. I had some more time this morning so I made myself some FOINE banana pancakes. Literally just sliced bananas and pancake batter. These almost made up for the gross egg residue everyone leaves on the spatulas. We all know it’s true. D-hall, figure something out.

cream, cream cheese, cheese, cake
Ruby Siegel

The next eight meals were pretty much the same. Lots of sandwiches, lots of disappointment. Let’s just say Saturday morning consisted of a substantial brunch from Park Side Eatery. But, after my challenge I did learn a thing or two. First, D-hall can be ok. Sometimes the meals are pretty good. There are also ways to spice it up: put some oranges on your salad, throw bananas in your pancakes, sprinkle lucky charms in your waffles. Second, it’s ok to eat out. Don’t torture yourself, and don’t go crazy but a yogurt for breakfast or dinner with friends is definitely fine. Third, should you choose to challenge yourself to 5 days of D-hall: Good luck, you'll need it.