Between dorms that don’t have kitchens and mailrooms that don’t sell boxes, it’s no secret that sending a birthday care package to your friend across the country can be difficult.

Sure, you want to send her homemade cupcakes or a batch of slutty brownies, but that’s just not realistic with your resources, and you run the risk of missing the birthday together.

Lucky for you, we’ve found 9 trendy desserts you can send to your friends’ dorms that will have them racking up the likes on Instagram in no time.




Photo by Jessica Kelly

Nothing screams birthday like a box full of cupcakes. You can go the traditional route and order Sprinkles or Georgetown cupcakes, which are always crowd pleasers with a huge variety of flavors, or send your friends 25 bite-sized treats from Baked by Melissa.

And, if you have any Sex and the City addicts in your life, you’ll be psyched to know that Magnolia Bakery also delivers.

Cake in a Jar


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Sure, you could try a DIY microwave mug cake we’ve all seen on Pinterest, but why not send your friends gourmet cupcakes in a mason jar instead?

Wicked Good Cupcakes ships nationwide and has both traditional and seasonal flavors. They also do gluten free cupcakes, and have found a way to bake cheesecake, pies, and brownies in jars if you’re not feeling the cupcakes.

Momofuku Milk Bar


Photo by Jessica Kelly

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with birthday cake truffles?

Momofuku ships their pies, birthday cakes, and truffles nationwide, and are sure to provide your friends with not only a fun birthday treat, but a Instagram pic that everyone will envy. While their website may say they don’t ship to dorms, they do ship to college mail rooms, so adjust your address as necessary.

Edible Cookie Dough


Photo by Marissa Stepniewski

For those of you that are notorious for making batches of cookie dough to find you’ve eaten it all before you put any in the oven, this one’s for you. Edoughable makes edible cookie dough in 8 different flavors, and offers you all the excitement of raw cookie dough without stomachaches or salmonella.



Photo by Gaby Maniscalco

If you have a friend that loves macarons, Macaron Parlour has you covered. With dozens of flavors that range from peanut butter to red velvet to crème brulee, Maracon Parlour has something for people with even the most adventurous taste buds. Cheeto-flavored macaron anyone?

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Photo by Sam Maniscalco

No one can resist a chocolate covered strawberry, especially when it’s covered in sprinkles or chocolate chips! Shari’s Berries ships nationwide, and has adorable packaging with an option for a free personalized gift card. If berries aren’t for you, they have a ton of other treats that are definitely worth checking out.

Edible Arrangements


Photo by Nina Poosikian

For the health nut in your life, there is nothing more fitting than an Edible Arrangement to brighten up their birthday. Most of their arrangements have a perfect balance of fruit and chocolate, and there’s actually a tab on their site especially for birthday baskets.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Photo courtesy of Fattysundays

Established in 2010, Fatty Sundays takes the chocolate covered pretzel game to the next level. They offer a vast array of gourmet chocolate covered pretzel rods, covered with everything from toffee to ombre sprinkles. Fatty Sundays is a family owned company located in Brooklyn, and in addition to pretzels, they whip up awesome batches of chocolate covered matzoh.

Order some of their adorable pretzel rods, check out flavor profiles on their blog, or send your friends a DIY kit to make their own pretzels. You seriously cannot go wrong.

Ice Pops


Photo courtesy of KingofPops Instagram

If you really want to show your friends you love them, send them ice cream. King of Pops is located in Atlanta, and makes gourmet ice pops that they ship nationwide. They’re definitely not cheap because of the dry ice involved, but they have pretty innovative seasonal flavors and a Girl Scout Cookie line that is definitely worth a try.