The internet makes everything easy. As a girl who loves birthdays as much as she loves dessert, I now never struggle to share my sweet tooth with friends (whether they’re near or far). Why? The internet is full of places selling treats that you can send with only the click of a button. Food gifts are simple, convenient ways to be thoughtful, and you don’t even have to resort to the overdone Momofuku or Baked by Melissa orders. Here are unique desserts you can order online to treat your loved ones. I won’t judge if you send something to yourself.

1. Schmackary’s

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A cookie from Schmackary’s is as exotic as a cookie can get. The store offers cookie flavors ranging from green tea to carrot cake to one that can even supposedly cure your Sunday morning hangover (by packing in 10 different flavors at once). Schmackary’s is known for its frosting covered cookies, so be sure to try one of those.

2. Wicked Good Cupcakes

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The name says it all. At Wicked Good Cupcakes, you will find cupcakes – as well as pies, brownies, and cheesecakes – squeezed into individual mason jars. Gluten free options are available for those of you who think that makes you healthier.

3. Good Karmal

These treats are for the more sophisticated foodie. You can send assorted caramels with flavors ranging from caramel apple to chocolate sea salt. The candies are all wrapped with individual fortunes, so when you send them, you can really pass along some “Good Karma(l).”

4. Stuffed Cookies

These are cookies with a unique gooey twist: each cookie is stuffed so that a liquid center oozes when you take a bite. The delicious and unique flavors include apple pie, bourbon bacon, cereal n’ milk, and more. Stuffed Cookies also offers gluten free cookies, and (more importantly) gives you the option of personalizing flavors, so you can really send your friend what they would want.

5. Batter and Cream

These treats are the perfect thank you gift. Batter and Cream offers mini whoopee pies that come in classic flavors and a delicate packaging.

6. Cookie Dō

Everyone knows raw cookie dough is better than cooked, and this company gets straight to that point. It packages different flavors of eggless sweetness in containers – the perfect therapy.

7. The Crispery

When Kellogg’s classic treats just aren’t enough, these rice krispies are. The Crispery lets you order rice krispies with a range of toppings, sizes, and celebratory themes.

8. Hope’s Cookies

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These cookies provide a surprise with a local touch. Hope’s Cookies is based in the Philly area and offers cookie packages for over 15 different occasions.

Clearly the options to send your friend a treat are plenty, so check your calendar (or Facebook, perhaps) and order something before it’s too late. The treats definitely won’t last, but the thought certainly will!