Sitting in bed, post-break up, binging on a tub of Ben and Jerry's and watching heart-warming rom-coms is passé. Let's celebrate heartbreak together! And then, let's dessert crawl out of it. And what better place to begin than Greenwich Village?

1. Big Gay Ice- Cream

Just as every exhilarating workout begins with a good warm up, so does this dessert crawl. One of the most famous dessert spots in Manhattan, Big Gay ice cream has just the perfect ice cream cone to warm up (in this case, freeze up) your tummy for the rest of our epic crawl. I love the Salty Pimp: vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, and sea salt with chocolate dip. 

This dessert has the perfect amount of sweetness, saltiness and oomph to leave your sweet tooth craving more.

2. Spot Dessert Bar 

One of the best dessert spots in The Village, Spot Dessert Bar deserves to be our "main-course" for the dessert crawl. The drill here is easy. Just choose three out of the eight magnificent, beautiful desserts and dig in! My personal favorites are the Harvest and, ironically, the Love Fondue. You better close your eyes and savor every bite, cause desserts are way better than a bae. Let the intense chocolate flavor of the Love Fondue heal your achey-breaky heart. 

3. Baked By Melissa 

Where do you go when you're way too full on the main course, but your sweet tooth still isn't satisfied? Baked by Melissa, of course. The adorable teeny-tiny cupcakes are a sight for sore eyes. These one-bite cupcakes are available in eight different original flavors. Apart from the OG flavors, they always have seasonal specials. 

For the newly singles, I recommend the decadent Triple Chocolate Fudge cupcake. Forget all the evils of your exes, one bite at a time.

4. Max Brenner 

After a tiny indulgence at Baked by Melissa, take a small stroll to Union Square. Plug in your earphones and "Dive" into the new Ed Sheeran album, Divide or Taylor Swift post-break up songs, if you're into that. All this walking is just to prepare your tummy for the goodness that lies ahead.

The Max Brenner world is as great as Willy Wonka's, if not greater. For the recovering love addict, I recommend the famous Max Brenner's Hot Chocolate. You can choose from over eight different flavors. My favorite? The Swiss Whipped Dark Hot Chocolate.

5. Your Lady/Man Cave  

After the epic crawl, it's now time to wind up in your own bed with you-know-what. Yes, that's indeed a pint of your favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I usually curl up with a pint of Salted Caramel and an episode of New Girl.

Break ups suck. Let's not deny that. But time heals all wounds. And until then, you have CHOCOLATE!