All things food—trendy or just downright delicious—are great. But sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the food news out there. To help you stay in the know, here are the three new foods that you need to get your hands on today.

Denny's Has a New Menu Inspired by 'Star Wars,' and Is Working to Fight Childhood Hunger 

Photo courtesy of Denny's

Denny's has a new menu inspired by “Solo: A Star Wars Story," which hits theaters May 25. The menu, available 24/7, includes a Two Moons Skillet, Denny’s Lightspeed Slam, and Co-Reactor Pancakes. The pancakes are topped with fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, a side of Crystal Crunch Rocks, and a pitcher of warm citrus sauce. When you pour on the sauce, the Crystal Crunch Rocks will crackle and pop, kind of like Pop Rocks. (You can add Crystal Crunch Rocks to any milkshake as well!) 

If you're not a "breakfast person," go for the Blaster Fire Burger made with a beef patty, chipotle gouda cheese, bacon, and Ghost Pepper sauce. I'm willing to bet that hot sauce would make even Darth Vader sweat. 

In addition to the food, Denny's will also be exclusively selling “Solo: A Star Wars Story” trading cards, and net proceeds from the cards will benefit No Kid Hungry (a guaranteed donation of $1 million). The trading cards go for $3 and are available in-store and on ‘Denny’s on Demand.' So check out the new menu items and considering getting a pack of trading cards now through June 26.

Sheetz Has a New Unicorn Milkshake, so Road Trips Just Got More Magical

Photo courtesy of Sheetz

Your favorite road trip pit stop is now selling a new Candy Crunch Milkshake, so millennials, line up! The pink fruit-flavored milkshake comes with crush Jolly Rancher sprinkle pieces on top of a whipped cream topping. A medium sized shake is $2.99 and is available at all Sheetz locations. You can get one today, and post it to the 'Gram for hella likes.

MTN DEW Baja Blast Is Making a Comeback, Just in Time for Summer

Photo courtesy of Mountain Dew

It's been nearly two years, but MTN DEW Baja Blast is returning to stores April 23 for a limited time. The drink's return is in part thanks to fans who were asking for it on social media. 

"We were overwhelmed by all of the love we saw on social media and other channels, so we worked hard to bring back MTN DEW BAJA BLAST. We're always listening to DEW Nation and we're excited to give them exactly what they've been craving," Chauncey Hamlett, Senior Director, Marketing, MTN DEW said in a press release.

Fans who expressed their love for the soda using the #BringBajaBlastBack on social media will have the opportunity to appear in a social video series, and a chance to earn points toward MTN DEW Baja Blast gear through So stock up now for the summer, and get your points—you could get a legit MTN DEW "sippin' slide."


+ Denny's has a new "Star Wars" inspired menu to celebrate “Solo: A Star Wars Story," and proceeds from their exclusive trading cards go to No Kid Hungry

+ Sheetz has a new unicorn-esque milkshake and it's topped with legit candy

+ MTN DEW Baja Blast is coming back thanks to people on social media begging for its return