Living in Boston gives BC students a plethora of options when it comes to eating. If you're sick and tired of the on campus options, we compiled a list of the ways you can get whatever you want to eat delivered right to your dorm. 

Pino's Pizza

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The personal pizzas at lower late night are good af, don't get me wrong. But sometimes I need to treat myself and have a little more of a luxurious late-night pizza experience. Pino's Pizza in Cleveland Circle, aka the best pizza ever (don't try and fight me on this), delivers until 2 am on the weekends. Um, yeah can you say clutch?? Plus they know all of the BC dorms, so there's no mess trying to find out where your delivery person is. If you're looking for the best pizza to get delivered to your door, look no further. It's fairly inexpensive, but I would pay millions for a slice of this pizza. Seriously so good. 

Fin's Sushi

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One of the biggest problems I encounter with delivery is finding meal options that aren't covered with grease and/or won't push me well past my daily calories. It's near impossible to find a healthy delivery option. That's why I love sushi delivery. Even though there's a BC bus stop basically right in front of Fin's in Cleveland Circle, they also deliver to campus. The sushi isn't the best I've ever had not gonna lie, but it's inexpensive and there's nothing better than laying in bed binging on Netflix and spicy tuna rolls. Also they're fried rice is dank so if you don't like sushi then you're good fam. 

Tikki Masala

While I'm not the biggest Indian food fanatic, Tikki Masala delivers to campus with no delivery fee. Unfortunately, they do have a $25 delivery fee minimums, and due to their low prices you may not be able to meet the requirement on your own. That being said, it's never hard to find friends who want some grub. This option is prime because BC dining very rarely offers Indian options, so you can get your fix while not even having to leave campus. 


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We all know that Domino's isn't the most luxurious pizza option. However, there is a Domino's location that allows BC students to pay with their Eagle Bucks for delivery orders. If your parents will foot the bill for your Eagle Bucks and not for your off campus dining, this is the perfect opportunity to beat the system. Warning: one time I ordered Domino's and it came from another location that wouldn't take my EagleOne Card, so make sure you're ordering from the right location or it could be a disaster. 

Genki Ya

Yet another sushi option, but I ain't even mad because can you ever really have too much sushi?? With only a $1.95 delivery fee and completely reasonable prices, this is the place to go for your sushi needs. You can't even begin to imagine the options they have for sushi. I'm talkin' things I've never even heard of. Granted, I'm no sushi connoisseur so my taste buds aren't as refined as they could be, but I'd say this stuff is pretty good.

Bamboo Thai Restaurant

I seriously have never wondered why ethnic food dominates the delivery scene until now, but dang I'm not complaining. Need your thai food fix but not in the mood to leave campus? Say no more. Instead of Bangkok Bistro (notoriously the worst, sorry not sorry) order from Bamboo Thai. They have amazing options and if you order over $20 (aka any normal meal because why would you only order one dish for delivery?) then your delivery is free. And if you've never tried Thai food, check out this restaurant guide for some quick tips! 

Kirin Teppanyaki & Wok

I promise this is my last Asian food recommendation, but can you ever really have too many options? The answer is no and options are plentiful at Kirin Teppanyaki & Wok. Seriously you can get every dish you've ever imagined plus sushi. My guilty pleasure is teppanyaki so this option is perfect for me. Prices are reasonable here and life is goooood. 

Natalie's Pizza

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PIZZA DELIVERY UNTIL 2:45 AM EVERY NIGHT THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! And they have deep dish, wheat pizza, calzones, subs, salads, pasta, wraps, and basically everything you could ever want. PLUS there's only a $10 minimum (child's play, truly), a $2 delivery fee, and the delivery time is only like 30 minutes. Where else in the world can you get pizza at 2 am on a Tuesday night? Someone lmk because I think I found heaven. Also you can put in an order and have it come at a later time so sober you at 2 pm on a Friday afternoon can send 2 am drunk you a nice surprise. 

Delivery Apps

Thank God for the App store. Seriously when they say there's an app for everything they aren't kidding. Especially when it comes to food! There are a lot of apps that deliver food to BC's campus. The ways these apps work is that they're your one stop shop for many off campus delivery options. In the mood for Chinese? Choose the category "Chinese" and boom. You have options. It makes the search for food 100 times easier and way more efficient.

Door Dash

DoorDash is the first delivery service I ever used and let me tell you, it's luxurious af. At least twice a month I use Door Dash to get Sweetgreen delivered right to my dorm room. They have delivery options that you can't even imagine. Unfortunately because they partner with restaurants that normally wouldn't have deliver, their fees are ridiculous. I'm talkin' like $7 delivery fee plus service charges plus taxes plus a tip for your driver. Depending on where you order from/how lazy you are, it might not even be worth it to order from this app, but you can be the judge of that. 


For your typical delivery needs, GrubHub is a go-to. I wouldn't expect the widest variety of choices, but for your typical Chinese food/pizza delivery scene, they have options that you can rely on. Also, their delivery fees are almost always under $5 and there aren't many extra fees. It's the cheapest delivery app I have ever encountered. Plus using the app is awesome when you don't really know where to order from-- just search what you're craving and they'll give you some good options.