Having food delivered has always been the answer for every college student after 9 PM. For late night Santa Cruz, we are hardly the exception and Domino's has the phone calls to prove it.  Remember this situation?

Domino's: Hi, Domino's Pizza.

Normal Human Being: Hi, I'd like to order a delivery of ______.

Domino's: Alright. Where is this delivered to?

Normal Human Being: Oh! UC Sant-

Domino's: Hold on.

*cue 17 minute transfer music*

Domino's: Hi, which dorm is this order delivered to?

That's right. We've bombarded Dominos so much that they've given us our own phone line to process all the orders from our late night hungry students. But who, in the name of PIZZA, said that we have to endure listening to repetitive ad-filled elevator music when we've already spent that patience adulting with bank advisors? No one! Santa Cruz deliveries make up the world outside of campus and Domino's mustn't be our solution.  

1) Cookie Cruz

To some, this was known as "All-Nighter Cookies" and for good reason. Baked fresh every day and delivering till 2 AM, these cookies are the perfect treats for any sweet tooth. Cookie Cruz offers many delectable flavors including: chocolate mint, cookies n’ cream, snickerdoodle, Nutella, and of course, chocolate chip. Not to mention, you could order milk from them to compliment all that soft, chewy, gooey goodness. 

2) Tam's Restaurant

If there’s a delivery car seen on campus more often than Domino’s, it’s Tam’s. If you’re a sucker for Panda Express but just need some of that homemade Asian taste, well Yelp no further! Tam’s offers your favorite Chinese specialties from beef noodle soup to sizzling seafood in clay pots to roast duck. PROTIP: Feast with a friend and order their family dinner specials including an appetizer, chow mein, a main dish, and rice. 

3) Kick’n Chicken

In the Santa Cruz sunshine, we’re all about organic salads and fresh juices …which makes sense to have fried chicken and waffles appear at your doorstep. In a town lacking KFC and Popeyes’s, this has become a beacon of hope when the last thing you want to eat at midnight is another bowl of microgreens. In case you still don’t know what’s on their menu: Chicken. Waffles. 

4) At Thai

Move over Campbell’s because there's nothing more comforting than a warm container of curry soup and long, slurpy noodles. Located near Safeway on Mission Street, this eatery offers free delivery within a 4-mile radius (i.e. CAMPUS.) With more than 100 items on the menu, I guarantee you’ll fall in “larb”. 

5) Woodstock's Pizza

You were probably wondering if there’s a pizza place to call instead of Domino’s…. Yes! Delivering passed midnight, this sauce-in-crust pizzeria has saved me from avoiding the Domino’s traffic and can help in other ways too. For one thing, you could save some bucks by showing your student ID or receiving an XL with 1 topping for under 20 bucks. Next time you see a Woodstock’s car on campus, you’ll know you’re missing out. 

6) Sitar Indian Cuisine

Not only can you enjoy their “all you can eat” buffet in Downtown Santa Cruz, but enjoy it in the comfort of your twin bed! With plenty of options for vegetarians/ vegans as well, the popular Indian flavors like creamy, coconutty Korma or tangy, spicy Vindaloo. Don’t forget to cap it off with a refreshing Mango Lassi or Kheer (Indian rice pudding). 

7) Münch

Cheez Whiz, all under $10?! What’s a piece of Philly without hot-off-the-grill chopped up meat, onions, and cheese stuffed inside a hoagie roll? Known for their Philly-styled sandwiches, Münch serves different explosion of flavors from spicy fajita to sweet red BBQ sauce. Not feeling for sandwiches? Try their rice bowls and garlic basil fries too! 

8) MG Sushi

Ever want to find out how many pieces of sushi you could eat in one sitting? Now the chance! With free delivery included, MG sushi makes your favorite classic rolls like spicy tuna as well as special rolls like The Titanic (smoked salmon and crab) and The Santa Cruz (crabmeat and avocado). PROTIP: Because if you can’t eat all the uncooked stuff and leave it overnight, get the baked rolls to reheat and eat the next day! 

9) Joe’s Pizza and Subs

Another sandwich place has made it to the list but this time and even better, it serves pizza too! New York style, Chicago style, thick crust, stuffed? Go ahead and have yourself their budget-friendly Italian feast because all the pasta dishes you love are on their menu too. Want to make the meal a little diverse? Add some falafels to your order.