As much as we all love to eat, the time and effort it takes to make an actual meal can be daunting. Cooking requires patience, effort, and time, but many students at GVSU lack at least one of these three things.

Thankfully, somebody is willing to make our food, and deliver it to wherever you are on Grand Valley's Allendale campus. With the convience of cell phones, credit cards, and an internet connection, eating something delicious just got a whole lot easier.

Listed below are five great locations that deliver directly to campus, allowing students to continue basking in their procrastination while anticipating a tasty meal.

1. Jet's Pizza

sausage, cheese, pizza, salami, pepperoni
Janele Morgan

It's a cold winter night and you don't feel like crawling out of bed. The thought of a hot cheesy pizza keeps crossing your mind, but there is no way you are going to go outside in this zero degree weather.

Luckily, Jet's pizza has many yummy options and are willing to deliver directly to your door. So when you're up for something easy that will complement your Netflix binge, Jet's may be the place for you.

Telephone: (616) 895-0895

Address: 5135 Lake Michigan Dr, Allendale, MI

2. Bamboo Express

Janele Morgan

Swimming in homework isn't complete without something to keep you afloat. Nothing says classic take-out like oily white boxes and chopsticks. 

Specializing in Chinese and Japanese cuisine, this spot serves traditional dishes, and even names one of their Maki Rolls the "Lakers Roll." 

Telephone: (616) 892-3888

Address: 6101 Lake Michigan Dr B500, Allendale, MI

3. Jimmy John's

Janele Morgan

Does anyone else hold their breath after they place their order? There is something so fulfilling about a simple sub with a giant cookie. Their late hours and quick service make for the perfect late night study sesh.

Telephone: (616) 892-2000

Address: 4814 Lake Michigan Dr, Allendale, MI

4. Menna's Joint

tea, coffee, beer
Janele Morgan

After a long night of...studying, nothing hits the spot better than a delicious dub. A tortilla filled with anything ranging from french toast and bacon to chicken tenders and potatoes. Menna's is great for satisfying those late night munchies.

Telephone: (616) 895-3827 

Address: 10897 48th Ave B100, Allendale, MI

5. Hungry Howie's Pizza

Janele Morgan

Butter Parmesan, Cajun, Garlic Herb, Sesame, hello, crusts! If you're looking for something to tantalize those taste buds, Hungry Howie's might be your go-to. If you order online, they also have a GV special just for us. 

Telephone: (616) 895-6777

Address: 6185 Lake Michigan Dr., Allendale, MI

Who knew doing nothing could be made so easy? Say goodbye to late night cravings in the library next semester. The solution to all your problems is one phone call or click away.