“Wait, you’ve never had Blue Bell before?”

During my first month in Austin, Texas, I heard this question daily. Texans were shocked that I had survived 18 years without the creamy deliciousness of Blue Bell ice cream.

Photo courtesy of austin.culturemap.com

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I have indulged in my fair share of quality coffee and fresh fish, but never ice cream. When I moved to Austin, I quickly noticed an obscure ice cream brand dominating the frozen section of grocery stores. And it wasn’t long before my Texan friends had me hooked. Its luscious creaminess cannot be rivaled. Blue Bell really is the best store-bought ice cream.

I’ve been in Texas for nearly three years now, and I cannot get enough of these pints of goodness. Blue Bell is a century old Texas staple, but unfortunately, it is not sold nationwide. Every time I return to Seattle, I miss my Blue Bell. Maybe a little too much.

Photo courtesy of 70magazine.com

This stuff is next level addictive. It’s finish-an-entire-pint-in-one-sitting addictive. It’s eat-it-in-your-sleep addictive. My current favorite flavor is Moolenium Crunch. The velvety vanilla ice cream is layered with dark chocolate and caramel chunks, roasted pecans, chopped almonds and walnut pieces. If heaven existed in food form, this would be it.

So, to all you Texans out there taking Blue Bell for granted, just stop. Get up, drag yourself to the nearest grocery store and go buy a pint (or two) of Blue Bell.

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