Bagels are a staple in the diets of many college students. They're dense- yet doughy, chewy, and soft, and are the perfect vehicle for a variety of toppings. While many popular bagel shops surround college campuses and sell pricey egg sandwiches and cream cheese concoctions, making your own bagel for breakfast is easy, budget-friendly, and just as delicious for dorm cooking.

Rudi's Bakery Products

Rudi's Bakery is a company that sells delicious breads and whole grain products, such as English muffins, tortillas, rolls, sandwich bread, and organic bagels. One of the things I love about Rudi's is the variety of options they have for consumers, including gluten-free, vegan, and organic bread products. On many college campuses, its difficult to find this variety in the dining hall and in on-campus retail shops. All of the products from Rudi's are made with real, whole ingredients, which makes them a nutrient-dense source of good food without any of the unnecessary additives. Rudi's Bakery was kind enough to send me samples of their whole wheat bread, sourdough bread, and everything bagels- all of which were delicious! While I love making peanut butter and banana toast and hummus/veggie sandwiches with the breads, the everything bagels were perfect for a morning treat.

One thing I love about Rudi's organic bagels is their perfect size! While they aren't as small as mini bagels, they aren't too big and filling like most bakery bagels are. The options for dorm cooking are also rather limited, and all you need is a toaster/microwave oven to heat up these bagels. 

Toppings Galore

I loved topping these everything bagels with mashed avocado and salt, but the options are endless- think of hummus, cream cheese and cucumbers, scrambled eggs, or even just butter/ a vegan butter alternative. You could also branch out from the typical breakfast bagel and make a lunch sandwich out of these bagels with all of your favorite ingredients. To diversify your dorm cooking, I would highly recommend giving Rudi's Bakery a try for perfectly-sized bagels and tasty bread products with real, simple ingredients.