Harambe, the famed gorilla of the Cincinnati Zoo, was a national treasure.

Unfortunately, the beloved gorilla was taken from us too soon when a young boy fell into the gorilla habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo. Once the boy came in contact with the gorilla, Harambe dragged him through the moat in the habitat. In order to save the boy, the zoo officials had to make the difficult and controversial decision to shoot and kill Harambe.

Because of the varying opinions on the decision, Harambe's story became a hot topic. The uproar of Harambe supporters also caused an explosion of internet memes that made him a well known pop culture figure.  

Losing him in such a devastating way makes the grieving process hard. But we can all try to cope with the sadness in the best way possible: with food. So as long as you're hungry, our hero, Harambe, will always be remembered. Here is a list of food that honor our Harambe.

1. Banana Pancakes

Waking up realizing Harambe is gone can be hard, start your day off right by eating a sweet stack of banana pancakes to help ease the pain.

2. Monkey Bread

chicken, meat, pork, sauce, beef
Ethan Cappello

This warm, gooey monkey bread will help you remember all the good times you and Harambe had.

3. Caramel Corn

With all this crunching, no one can hear you cry. So grab a handful of caramel corn and let it all out. I know it’s hard, I miss Harambe too, we’ll get through it together.

4. Ice Cream

Dive into a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey or another one of your ice cream favorites as you scroll through all the hilarious Harambe memes to keep his memory alive. 

5. Tequila Shot

Take a lime, the salt from your tears and kick back a tequila shot in honor of the OG (Original Gorilla). You can even pour some out for his zoo homies. 

Eating food will not only fill your stomach, but also your aching heart with Harambe's memory. RIP, big guy.