As a coffee lover and addict, I know that the day PSLs are released is the best day ever. I also know that the day they leave is the worst. I, on behalf of everyone who feels the same way, have written (to Starbucks) an open letter to pumpkin spice lattes.

Dear Pumpkin Spice Lattes,

On behalf of Starbucks lovers everywhere, let me start by saying that you are loved by everyone you meet. People, I included, wait all year for your arrival. Some even count down until that wonderful September day you return.

I love seeing your picture plastered all over the walls of every Starbucks and all over social media. Hot or iced, you bring smiles to the faces of college kids across America. You are a national icon. There are geotags, gifs, and memes dedicated to your greatness. But, there are also those dedicated to your flaws.

Well, I shouldn’t even say flaws, because there is only one. You are so long-loved, but so short-lived. You come and go in the blink of an eye, and it is upsetting to your fans. Pumpkin season is far from over when you depart, and all we want is for you to stay a little longer. The arrival of Fall means one thing and one thing only to coffee addicts across the globe. You are that one thing.

We understand you can’t stay through December, I mean I don’t even consider it pumpkin season anymore. But when I think of pumpkins, I don’t think Halloween. I think November and Thanksgiving. You are known to say your goodbyes around Halloween, but that is too soon. People want to enjoy your sweet warmth when temperatures drop to freezing or below. Even pumpkin treats last longer than you do.

We are asking that you stick around for the early beginnings of winter. We are begging you. We need you this season and every season. We love you unconditionally.

Sincerely, Coffee Connoisseurs Around the World

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Maddie Ricci