Doughboy Desserts is cornering the market with unique cookie flavors that satisfy all of Gainesville's cookie cravings...

Any girl would swoon over a valentine who supplies hand-crafted, heart-shaped chocolate cookies topped with strawberries and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Luckily for Michelle and her valentine, Zach, that cookie was only the start of what would become their growing cookie company, Doughboy Desserts, satisfying cravings throughout Gainesville with their unique flavors and unmatched authenticity.

The Founders

It wasn’t always cookies for Zach, the founder and chef behind DB desserts. He began his journey as an uninterested business student and later changed his path to hospitality management where he would find his passion for baking. During his time at Florida International University in Miami, he worked at a bakery where he gained inspiration for unconventional flavor pairings and the confidence to experiment with them. His guava and white chocolate chip cookie, for example, was influenced by Miami’s rich Cuban heritage and has gone on to become a DB Desserts’ signature flavor.

The Journey

Zach’s success has been driven by his support system. As a chef who, oddly enough, has tried “less than half” of his own creations, he relies on family and friends as his primary taste testers, with his mom spearheading the role of cookie sampler. The business aspect of DB Desserts is run by Zach’s partner Michelle, head of marketing and social media. Ever since that romantic Valentine’s Day gesture, she was convinced that baking was Zach’s calling. Seeing a gap in the market for original, high-quality, and freshly-made cookies, Zach knew “[he] could do it better” ⁠— and he does.

As Doughboy nears its one-year anniversary, it has come far despite its fair share of complications. Whether it's the red-stained kitchen counters left from the remnants of their delightful red velvet and cream cheese-filled cookies or a month-long hiatus due to a malfunctioning oven, the couple has seen it all. Nevertheless, their passion hasn’t been dulled, and the company continues to reach new heights as it expands.

The Cookies

Spoon was given the opportunity to sample some of DB’s cookie flavors and let’s just say we were not disappointed. The crowd favorites ranged from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Cotton Candy, and even S’mores. With both fruity and chocolatey flavor options, everyone is left with satisfied cravings, happy hearts, and maybe a cavity or two. Much to our excitement, Zach and Michelle gave us a Spoon-exclusive teaser of a few flavors in the works. Be on the lookout for new flavors like Cookie Butter, Cinnamon Roll, and Dulce de Leche cookies.

Keep up with Doughboy Desserts on Instagram and Facebook. Cookies can be ordered online, over the phone, or you can find them at upcoming events that are posted on their social media!