Welcome to TikTok Taste Test, where every week national writer Allison Reinhardt spotlights a trending TikTok recipe so you can know the latest and greatest viral food trends worth checking out. 

To no one’s surprise, TikTok is again obsessing over a pricey, yet aesthetically pleasing snack. This time, you can find it at Davelle, a quaint Japanese cafe located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Besides its adorable little storefront, Davelle is known for one food item in particular: toast.

You won’t find just any toast at Davelle, though. From Honey Lemon to Mentai Mayo, each piece is truly a work of art, priced between $10 and $12. They even have little illustrations on their menu to show you exactly what your order will look like. One of the simplest, yet most beautiful toasts Davelle offers is their Berry and Cream Cheese toast, and the foodies of TikTok have been both flocking there to try it and recreating it at home ever since the cafe reopened a couple weeks ago after closing in January 2022 due to COVID-19.

The Berry and Cream Cheese toast recipe is as simple as you think it would be. A piece of toast, some cream cheese, and your jam of choice are all you need. Spreading the cream cheese and jam in a nice, neat pattern like the experts do at Davelle can be challenging, though, as some who have tried have had trouble replicating the perfect alternating dollops. Of course, people in the comments have offered their words of wisdom on how to make the most artful slice. The consensus seems to be to keep the jam as cold as possible so it doesn’t run into the cream cheese, and instead of a knife, some suggest using a spoon, piping bag, or two separate utensils altogether to ensure that the colors don’t mix. No matter how you decide to make your DIY Davelle toast, it’s sure to be cheaper than and just as delicious as the original, not to mention a fun and quick way to spice up your breakfast!

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