With the arrival of spring (at least for us Chicagoians), there is also the arrival of darties, which is an abbreviation for day parties. These are, all too often, followed by a night party. For as fun as darties can be, they can also ruin your entire night if done incorrectly. So here a few tips to last all day and into the night.

Photo by Eliza Mitnick

Get a good base:

You will be running around and drinking and will undoubtedly forget to eat so, for today, breakfast is especially important. Make sure to load up on carbs and protein for lasting energy and to absorb that keg beer you probably already drank. The best breakfast/brunch food before your party include:


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Generally, the more food you eat before drinking, the better the food can absorb the alcohol, so getting a base with lots of calories is already a plus. Mostly, these dishes are filled with carbs which best absorb and don’t make you feel sick, like some other high calorie meals, when you are drinking.


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The high amount of protein in eggs makes for energy that can last all day. Unlike the other breakfast proteins, bacon and sausage, eggs are not as greasy and will not make you feel sick when you start drinking.


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No matter what the darty occasion is, sandwiches make for an excellent go to. These have the added function of being the perfect brunch food, since they can be filled with cheesy eggs or can be filled with deli meats. Plus, sandwiches will keep you filled up and will give you plenty of energy.


  • Salad
  • Yogurt
  • Cereal/granola

All of these food do not have enough substance to absorb the alcohol and provide day long energy to the consumer. Also, yogurt and other dairy products do not usually mix well with alcohol and can make you feel sick. Also try to avoid anything too greasy so that it doesn’t come back out later in the night.

Start the day with Rum and Cokes and don’t start with Beer

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While it is tempting to start your day with a keg stand or an ice cold beer can, this is a rookie mistake! The phrase “beer before liquor…” isn’t a cliche for nothing. Not only will you feel sick if you switch to hard liquor later on, you will also feel too bloated to keep your energy levels with more food and you will tire out quickly. Rum and Coke is just as much a day drink as any, since it will remind you of the beach and the caffeine in the coca-cola will keep the tired buzz away.

Plan and commit to a Siesta

While the party is scheduled to last all day, you don’t have to. Take an opportunity around 4pm-5pm to take a nap, sober up and prepare for the night party. Plus, everyone around you is probably just as tired as you and there might even be a lull in the party. This will also give you an opportunity to grab a snack and sober up before you get out and drink again.

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