Oh, the food world: it's a very interesting and messed up world that often leaves people feeling bad about themselves. This is why we need more people like Ms. Daphne Fischer.

Who exactly is Daphne Fischer?

Daphne Fischer is an inspirational woman who lives out in LA and documents her life and her eating disorder recovery through her Youtube channel and Instagram account. She began documenting her recovery on her YouTube channel about a year ago and has been posting encouraging videos and helpful techniques ever since

How is she changing the food world?

Daphne is changing the food world for a variety of reasons; one of them being that she is a recovered eating disorder survivor and now an activist. But when I discovered who she was, she was still in the process of recovering. Daphne is constantly putting out positive energy and self-love posts on her Instagram and her Youtube channel. Her posts are so special to me because we don't see those kinds of posts very often because society's portrayal of food is pretty twisted and warped at the moment. But, it's not just all about what she is doing in the food world. Daphne is an amazing person and she is a great support system that I can lean on if I need a little boost or check back into reality. Although we haven't met in person, you can sense her genuine and sweet personality through the content she posts. We might not be friends IRL, but I can just tell we would really click!

Where you can find Daphne?




I personally feel better about myself after just looking at one of her posts on Instagram or watching one of her videos on Youtube! I really suggest that you guys check her out as well. She is the best and everyone deserves that kind of positivity and realness in their lives.