Daniel Hartman has a crazy talent. This dude can literally catch full-sized apples in his mouth from distances as far as the three-point line on a basketball court. But explaining it doesn't do it justice—you have to watch. In the clip posted by Daniel (@hartmand45) to Twitter, he's shown catching apples as quickly as his friend throws them at his face. 

It's actually ~insane~.  Of course, mine and everyone on the internet's first reaction is wow! The second is, "But are his teeth OK?" By some miracle (or some super genetics), they are, according to Daniel's friend. 

Since the video was originally posted on Sept. 29, it's gone viral, and people everywhere are freaking out.

Others are still questioning the teeth situation.

Some are bringing up some pretty valid points. "Damnnn Daniel," would work here, too. 

This is a little intense. 

LOLz who else saw this coming next? I mean, that is a great smile. Teenage girls everywhere are about to be buying all kinds of apples. 

And like any other viral video, others have tried to replicate Daniel's skill. Some have actually been successful!

This girl seriously rocks.

Other's have not been so successful.

But at least her teeth seem OK, unlike this guy.

Let me just say, if any of my friends get any ideas and throw an apple at my face, I'm 100 percent getting a black eye. Daniel is a pro, and states in his Twitter bio: "I am not accountable for anyone’s apple-related injuries."

I hear that, and if you're reading, you probably should, too. Leave the apple catching up to Daniel and find yourself another talent that's less likely to send you to the dentist's office.