Finding a healthy protein bar that's low in sugar but high in flavor is not en easy task. Most of the time, these bars just taste like artificial sweeteners. But Dang Bars don't. Dang was kind enough to send me each of there flavors, and here's my official ranking of The Plant-Based Keto Bar. **Please keep in mind that these are all awesome!**

Cardamom Chai

This one wasn't bad, but I wasn't its biggest fan. It was very spicy (not hot, but spicy) which isn't always a bad thing, but I felt like it needed another flavor to balance it out. The cardamon definitely overtook the cinnamon. This flavor is the only one I didn't really enjoy (although I had some friends try it and they didn't mind it!)

Saigon Cinnamon Chocolate

This was the club's least favorite. There was nothing wrong with it, I just personally enjoyed the other flavors more.

Toasted Coconut 

Being a self proclaimed coconut fiend, I had very high expectations for this bar. I wasn't blown away by the taste, but it was pretty good. This flavor was Spoon President Ben Capouya's second favorite, which is saying a lot. If you like coconut, this is the one for you!

Almond Vanilla

The Almond Vanilla bar was really quite good. It had nice notes of both of its titular flavors and reminded me of an almond cookie. The reason it's third on the list is just because two other flavors are a bit better. Overall, I really enjoyed it. 

Lemon Matcha

Let me just start by saying I was not expecting to like this flavor. I like lemon, and I like matcha, (and I even like them both together,) but I didn't think it would be a good flavor for a kept bar. I was wrong. This flavor tasted fresh and not artificial whatsoever. Props to Dang for making this one so well!

Chocolate Sea Salt

None of the other bars even stood a chance at beating the Chocolate Sea Salt one. First, it's one of my favorite flavors in general, so I was bound to be partial to it. In addition, the use of cocoa butter was absolutely genius and really makes the bar taste phenomenal. If you could only have one, definitely choose this one.

Overall, I really like the Dang Bars. Some flavors weren't my favorite, but others were absolutely incredible, so they balance each other out. I would like to add that they're a but crumbly and chalky, but that's what you're going to get from a bar made of almonds, chicory root fiber, and pea protein. If you follow a keto diet, try to eat low sugar, or just want a quick bite that will leave you full for hours, grab a Dang Bar!