Most of us know that all too familiar feeling; it's 1am, you're walking out of District and you need late night food. Now. Usually this ends in excessive amounts of Velvet Taco queso or a couple honey butter chicken biscuits, but lets be honest—our residual teenage metabolisms are fading quickly. I'm here to tell you what to get if you'd rather not spend the next morning running away the fry calories in Dedman.

1. Whataburger

This one's gonna make you sad. Sorry. Unless you want to scarf down over 550 calories in one sitting, that chicken biscuit may not be your best choice. Jump for a grilled chicken fajita taco or a taquito with cheese—both clocking in under 400 calories and packing in a little more protein and a little less fried bread.

2. Velvet Taco

Velvet doesn't have nutrition on its' menu, but remember—the simpler the better. Stick to the basics and get the rotisserie chicken taco, with white corn and roasted poblano salsa. Want to do something more on the wild side? Get Falafel, with avocado and pea tendrils, all cozied up in a lettuce wrap.

3. DaLat

Off the beaten path, DaLat offers authentic vietnamese cuisine till 2am. But let's be honest, we were gonna use Postmates anyway. 

Stay away from those spring rolls, and opt for pho, or one of their low carb Vietmex tacos, subbing lettuce for the wrap.

4. Cafe Brazil

Step away from the pancakes and the nachos. The waffles too. Oh, also the french toast. Step away from the pancakes and the nachos. The waffles too. Oh, also the french toast.

Deceivingly, Cafe Brazil's vegan tacos are to die for, made with sweet potatoes and coconut quinoa. A little too far out of the box for you? Build your own omelette and get in that protein.

5. CrushCraft

This spot for Thai street eats is sure to please any noodle enthusiast. But please, stay away from the fried rice—do it for the beach bod. 

Instead, opt for chicken lettuce wraps. If that's not your thing, split a curry with a friend. Hey, it's ok to indulge sometimes.

6. Greenville Avenue Pizza Company 

Ok, I'm not gonna make you skip the pizza. Try to hold the meat, and load on some veggies (think: spinach, tomato, artichoke). Honestly, not too bad if you're good with portion control. Good luck with that

Take all of this with a grain of salt. Sometimes you just want to treat yourself to that honey butter chicken biscuit—and that's ok! Remember to do everything in moderation. You'll feel better. Trust.