Daiya has been expanding its line of dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free products over time. Their products are also vegan, as they contain imitation meat and eggs. As someone who cannot eat dairy, soy, or certain meats, I get excited when Daiya releases a new item. This time, they recently announced two new breakfast burrito flavors. 

I don't usually eat breakfast right when I wake up, but I greatly enjoy breakfast at all other times of the day, so when a representative reached out to let me try some on-the-go breakfasts, I eagerly accepted. 

The burritos come individually wrapped, and can be stored in the freezer and then defrosted in the microwave, making them a viable option when I'm running out the door and cannot stop to cook breakfast. 

The one thing to be careful of is creating a soggy burrito on-the-go. If you take the burrito out of the microwave and run out the door, let it cool before you cover it. The brown rice tortilla can start to fall apart and then utensils are required to eat it. 


The homestyle breakfast burrito is truly an entire breakfast rolled into one bite. It contains imitation scrambled eggs, Beyond Meat "beef," and Daiya "cheddar cheese," along with potatoes. There is also maple syrup mixed in to top it off.

Despite this large combination of ingredients, the entire burrito contains 13 grams of protein and 380 calories. There are only two grams of sugar, but be aware that it contains 24% of the daily recommended sodium intake with 560 mg. 


If the homestyle burrito had a lot going on, the fiesta burrito is a real party in your mouth. It isn't trying to be a traditional breakfast burrito, but that means it offers a change of pace from other breakfast offerings.  

This burrito combines imitation eggs with black beans, red and green Jalapeño peppers, potatoes, and onions. The beans replace "meat" in this one, which can be appealing to those avoiding any type of meat or meat-like product. 

The fiesta burrito has 10 grams of protein and only 360 calories. The sugar and sodium are the same as the homestyle and they are both cholesterol-free. 

Daiya also has four other burrito options that can be eaten at any time of day. They are also gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan. Daiya products can be found in many major grocery stores, including King Soopers.