If the moon completely blocking out the sun for the first time in 38 years didn't excite you, maybe getting some free treats from Dairy Queen will. DQ invites you and your friends to stop by and take advantage of a "buy one, get one" Blizzard deal. Originally, this was to celebrate the eclipse, but lucky for us, the blizzards just keep on coming.

A Deal Fit for a Queen

Okay, so we're talking about an insane BOGO deal. Buy one Blizzard and you'll get another one for just 99 cents. For me, that means grabbing a friend and trying out the new Triple Truffle Blizzard Treat, which is filled with fudge, peanut butter and caramel truffles. Or you know, enjoying two to myself. Honestly, it's the ideal snack for ending your summer on a high note before heading back to school. 

But, Why Now?

If you haven’t caught the gist already, this BOGO deal is all thanks to the solar eclipse, which is happened on August 21. This is when the moon is completely blocked out the sun. Only a handful of states actually got to see the entire thing happen, but all states are able to enjoy this icy deal. So, you can thank your lucky stars, or just one star in particular, the sun, for this unreal DQ deal.

How to Get Your Blizzard On

Not only did the deal go on during the day of the actual solar eclipse, August 21, but it goes through September 3 — that's 14 whole days! And this weekend is the last chance you have for a 99 cent blizzard. All you have to do is find your way to a participating DQ to benefit from this killer deal. Tbh, you’ll probably see me there every day this weekend. 

So head to your nearest Dairy Queen to pre-game labor day with a blizzard or two. Even though the hype for the solar eclipse was pretty big, this deal is even bigger (because at least I can see this one).