St. Patrick's Day is coming up quick, and I'm excited. I've already purchased my appropriate green darty attire (aka an Urban Outfitters crop top), and now I'm getting excited for the main event: The return of the Dairy Queen Oreo Mint Blizzard. Here's everything you need to know about the festive Dairy Queen Oreo Mint Blizzard (because I know you're craving one right now, too). 

Deets On The Drink

Dairy Queen is basically spinnin' up dreams with its new offering. The Dairy Queen Oreo Mint Blizzard is has créme de menthe (aka mint) mixed with vanilla soft serve ice cream, and spun with tons of Oreos for the most bomb drink of all time.

Nutrition-wise, this is not the lightest of beverages that Dairy Queen offers. A large is 1210 calories (no shame), but you can order a mini for only 400 calories if you're looking for a festive snack.

I don't know about you, but no combination makes me happier than mint and chocolate (which is probably why Oreo sells a variation on it year-round). Yes, I'm hyped for this baby. 

This is a Real #TBT

OG Dairy Queen fans will remember the Mint Oreo Blizzard of years past, and sadly the shake was discontinued in 2015. Fans were not happy about the dropped flavor, and many called out Dairy Queen on social media to bring this treat back. 

In the comments, Dairy Queen addressed concerns by stating that "The Créme de Menthe Topping will no longer be on the menu, and at this point there are no plans for it to make a return." Thankfully, Dairy Queen changed their mind and brought the créme de menthe back, truly saving us all. 

Get One Today

Dairy Queen is making it easy for you to get your hands on this Oreo Mint Blizzard—it's available for the entire month of March as the Blizzard of the Month. It's unclear, however, if you'll be able to order to this treat after March because mint is still not on the regular menu at Dairy Queen. 

So hurry over to your nearest Dairy Queen and order the Oreo Mint Blizzard before March is over. I am 100 percent planning on grabbing this before the St. Patrick's Day festivities begin and spiking it like any good Irish might.