Do you ever wonder why restaurants decide to chuck menu items when things seem to be going so well for them?  This list of DQ cool treats–and one hot eat–will make you wish you could jump into a time machine and hop back into a Dairy Queen circa 2001.

1. Oreo Brownie Earthquake

dairy queen

Photo by Kelly Ho

This brownie sundae is maxed out with chocolate fudge, marshmallow sundae topping–pretty much fluff in a pumpable form, Oreo cookie chunks, and real whipped cream. Oh, and of course there’s soft serve buried underneath all that sundae wickedness.

2. Strawberry Shortcake

dairy queen

Photo by Liana Lis

This unique Royal Treat–that’s Dairy Queen jargon for special sundaes–featured a little round of real shortcake on which vanilla soft serve, strawberry sundae sauce, and whipped cream were abundantly layered.

3. Butterscotch-Dipped Cones

dairy queen

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Elderly patrons tend to order this tasty treat despite being told for over a decade that it has been discontinued. Nowadays, you only have the option of either a plain or chocolate-dipped vanilla cone.

Insider tip: You can sometimes snag a chocolate soft serve cone if you happen to be there when they’re making their ice cream cakes.

4. Triple Chocolate Utopia

dairy queen

Photo courtesy of Flickr

This bad boy is like a fudge sundae on steroids. It’s a combination of cocoa fudge, brownie pieces, and chocolate chunks on a vanilla soft serve sundae. Since the cocoa fudge is even richer than the normal chocolate fudge, pace yourself with this one.

5. Crushed Peanuts

dairy queen

Photo by Katherine Carroll

It seems like such a basic topping, but Dairy Queen―or at least some Canadian locations―stopped using crushed peanuts and now use skin-on red Spanish peanuts. Spanish nuts are good and all, but sometimes you just need some good ol’ unsalted crushed nuts on your sundae. Amirite?

6. Chili Cheese Dogs

dairy queen

Photo by Zoe Zaiss

Sounds kind of odd to be ordering this sort of grub from an ice cream joint, but these chili cheese dogs were seriously da bomb. The beef chili was prepared in small batches so you always knew you were gettin’ the good, fresh stuff.

7. Frozen Hot Chocolate

dairy queen

Photo by Leah Nordman

The Frozen Hot Chocolate is technically still on the DQ “Secret Menu” since its three ingredients, cocoa fudge, soft serve, and slushie mix, are still used for many other menu items.

If you’re incredibly outraged by Dairy Queen’s ill-advised decision to discontinue these menu items, you can sign an online petition to bring back yo fav treat such as this one for the Cotton Candy Blizzard. Better yet, why don’t we all just chill out and talk it out over a butterscotch chocolate-dipped cone.