Are you ready for your science lesson of the day? As we get older, it is more and more common for us to express less of the lactase enzyme. Thus, as we age, it gets harder for us to digest lactose. Although it is easier said than done to avoid dairy just to dodge a stomach ache, there are so many delicious dairy-free options currently. For people that love ice-cream but don't get along with dairy, dairy-free ice-cream is growing in popularity. Here are some of the must-try dairy-free ice-cream options.

Ben & Jerry's 

Camille Fang

Ben & Jerry's is a classic, and for good reason. There are 12 different dairy-free flavors, all made with almond milk and certified 100% vegan. Just like the regular dairy-containing pints, I can attest that each of these flavors offers a variety of different toppings and flavors. Having made the switch from the regular Ben and Jerry's flavors to the non-dairy flavors, I can honestly say that the flavor and texture is not disappointing. Not only are the non-dairy pints just as delectable as the ones with dairy, they also contain more protein and nutrients, and they are guaranteed to not hurt your lactose-sensitive stomach.

The most highly rated non-dairy flavors include: Chocolate Salted n' Swirled, P.B. & Cookies, Coffee Caramel Fudge, and the Coconut Seven Layer Bar. Personally, nothing does the trick like a pint of P.B. & Cookies. It offers familiar and comforting flavors from the cookies and wonderful creaminess from the peanut butter. This is a must try for anyone who is lactose-sensitive or vegan! 

Halo Top 

Camille Fang

Halo Top originally became popular for its incredibly low calorie ice-cream pints. With all of the flavors under 360 calories a pint, it is hard to resist trying Halo Top. I had low expectations for this brand, as it seemed impossible for an entire pint of ice-cream to be so low-calorie. However, I can honestly say that Halo Top is tasty, refreshing, and light. What more could you want?

Halo Top doesn't stop pleasing consumers—in addition to the exceptionally low-calorie pints, stores offer dairy-free Halo Top pints in 16 different flavors. I would recommend trying the flavors Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Cup, and Birthday Cake. These ice-cream pints will give you the satisfaction of a sweet and refreshing dessert, remind you of all your favorite flavors, and leave you feeling energized rather than lethargic. It seems that you really can get a low-calorie dessert that satisfies you and doesn't impede your digestion—it's a miracle!

So Delicious

Camille Fang

This brand has always been dairy-free, which must be why the ice-cream is so good! Unlike Ben & Jerry's and Halo Top, So Delicious caters to people with all different types of non-dairy milk cravings. They make the frozen desserts from oat milk, almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk, or coconut milk. I have been on an oat milk kick recently, so I had to try the Oatmeal Cookie ice-cream flavor made with oat milk. With its rich flavor and creamy texture, it did not disappoint!

So Delicious has gotten more and more creative over the past few years. The company started introducing a variety of ice-cream sandwiches and ice-cream bars made with almond milk. All So Delicious products are free of GMO's, dairy-free, and certified vegan. I am so pleased that being lactose intolerant doesn't affect my dessert options at all! 

In my opinion, Ben and Jerry's tastes the most like regular ice-cream. Halo Top offers the most healthy option—if healthy to you means a low calorie-dessert option. Finally, So Delicious offers the widest varieties of frozen treats so you'll never get bored. So, to all my lactose-sensitive friends and vegan enthusiasts: try them all, and you'll never have to fight with dairy again!