TBH, being lactose intolerant is the farthest thing from fun. All the food everyone always wants you can’t have. No pizza, mac and cheese, or ice cream. Today finding the right types of a food for a specific diet can be super easy and simple, specifically for people whom are dairy free and love ice cream. We have made a shortlist of some of the best and worst dairy-free ice cream options at your local supermarket.

Rice Dream Cocoa- Marble Fudge

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Aubree Snyder

Looks can be deceiving people. In this case, the chocolate swirls around the chocolate ice cream looked very pleasing, but we were wrong. Once we tried it we both looked at each other and made the same face and said, “NOPE.” Nothing about this dairy free ice cream was chocolaty. Even though this ice cream had a pretty creamy consistency, but the rice taste overpowered the chocolate a lot. 

Overall: A big thumbs down, agreeably the worst one we’ve tried.

Arctic Zero- Hint of Mint

tea, chocolate
Alexandra Torres

This ice cream is true to its name. The hint of mint was very subtle yet could still be tasted in every spoonful. A downside about this ice cream was that the taste left your mouth almost instantly after eating it. It basically melted in your mouth right away so you couldn’t really taste much of the ice cream. 

Overall: Not much taste that you can savor and take in, but the name serves the flavor justice.

So Delicious Cashew Milk- Creamy Chocolate

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Aubree Snyder

If you love a nutty flavor, then you’ll appreciate this one. If you’re not a fan of nuts, then this probably isn’t for you. Even though this option wasn’t super rich in taste, you could still taste the chocolate flavor. It was like eating a packet of hot chocolate mix. We both loved the creamy consistency of this one. The after taste of this ice cream has a nutty taste which is either a hit or miss.

Overall: Definitely a hit or miss; especially if you are not a fan of nuts.

So Delicious Coconut Milk - Chocolate

cake, tea, beer
Aubree Snyder

This coconut milk one luckily was good enough to redeem our feelings on dairy-free ice cream. Though this ice cream didn’t have a creamy consistency as the previous ice creams, we could definitely taste the rich chocolate flavor in this one. On top of that, there’s is a hint of a coconut taste to it which heavily compliments the chocolate.

Overall: Can't go wrong with this one. The hint of coconut helps compliment the rich chocolate flavor; a literal two for one!

Ben & Jerry's- Cherry Garcia

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Alexandra Torres

Ben & Jerry’s came out with a non-dairy ice cream line and it may be one of the happiest moments for non-dairy eaters. They have some of the best combinations of flavors and it’s safe to say the one we tried did not disappoint. The texture of this one was super creamy and the taste of fresh cherries was the perfect flavor added to the taste of chocolate. This dairy-free ice cream definitely felt like you were eating actual ice cream. This one for sure is the real winner!

Overall: Very rich in taste, super creamy, and has the closest taste to actual ice cream. This gets an A+!

Final Thoughts: 

You definitely can’t go wrong with the So Delicious-Chocolate ice cream or the Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, especially if you're feeling a little more on the fruity. But, if you’re craving something nutty then try the Cashew Milk ice creams. Give these dairy free ice creams a try, but before you reach for the Rice Dream Marble Fudge we would suggest you put the spoon down and rethink what you are about to eat.