While most food commercials have a glimpse of their delicious products in them, Nissin, a Japanese instant noodle company, has something different in mind. They neither want you to see an advertisement about their ramen nor do they want you to know the difference between ramen and noodle.

Instead, they want you to watch a commercial about seven samurais doing seven extreme stunts. Why? As a reference to Akira Kurosawa's classic film Seven Samurais, Nissin takes viewers on an extreme sports journey to show how craziness will create the future.

So why samurais?

Instant ramen is considered to be Japan's greatest invention of all time and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this ingenious creation in 2018, Nissin has begun to give us a sneak peak into their celebration.

Samurais are part of a military caste system in Japanese culture who can be viewed as warriors, defending the people they protect. Therefore, the company has created a samurai noodle warrior, known as "The Originator," to represent Momofuku Ando, the creator of instant noodle. His mission is to feed the people with an abundant supply of noodles.

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To get a better understanding, watch the origins of the Samurai Noodle Warrior here.  

The video shows that through his spirit and his dedication, Momofuku Ando was able to create ramen that is quick and easy to prepare at home. His legacy continues to inspire people, like these seven extreme sport fanatic samurais, even to this day.

What does ramen have to do with extreme sports?

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Photo courtesy of youtube.com

According to Nissin, crazy makes the future. Through this commercial, Nissin shows that the world of extreme sports, samurais, and instant ramen noodles are about to come together to create a crazy future that will excite the world.

Watch the extreme video below. You will be amazed at what these samurais do and I guarantee you will be cheering along with the crowds in excitement for the future of instant ramen.