Crunchies Food is an offshoot of Chaucer, a larger company that produces a variety of freeze-dried and baked fruits and vegetables. Crunchies has six types of freeze-dried fruit, all of which are non-GMO, gluten-free, halal, and parve. You can get bananas, strawberries, blueberries, or mangos that are coated in milk chocolate. They also have a traceability feature on their website so you can find out where each fruit you're eating comes from. 

I love fruit and am always stuck in a cycle of not buying enough, or buying too much and watching it go bad. I also don't have infinite freezer space for all the frozen food I want in my life. When a representative reached out to ask if I wanted to try Chrunchies, I jumped at the chance. I enjoy taking fruit on the go, but aside from apples, there aren't too many options that can survive in a backpack. Enter Crunchies. 

Each serving has 35 calories, and there are about three servings per bag, so even if you eat the entire package in one sitting, you have eaten 100 calories of fruit. A pretty good deal here. 

Mixed Fruit

This flavor is the best combination. The strawberries are good on their own, and the strawberry-banana mix is good, but when you add in blueberries and apples, you've got a winner!

Crunchies packages the fruit so each time you reach into the bag, you get a handful of something different. The strawberries and bananas were about was I was expecting in a freeze-dried fruit bag, but the apples are sliced nicely and are not coated in cinnamon, as it would get on everything else and ruin the taste. I was most surprised by the blueberries, however. They are still round, and haven't been reduced to pebbles.


I do not like fresh pineapple. It makes my tongue tingle, and at this point in life, I just avoid it. However, Crunchies freeze-dried pineapple doesn't give me that feeling, and instead, I just get the sweet pineapple flavor I love, along with a nice crunch, and I will eat the whole bag. 

They managed to keep all the good parts of eating pineapple and removed the painful aspect. It tastes like pineapple and is cut into little chunks that are the perfect size. You can eat one at a time, or grab a handful to throw in your mouth. Plus, it can't go out of season, so go ahead an enjoy your pineapple all year long. 


Crunchies has perfected the packaged mango. It isn't flat or tough like some dried mango, and it also isn't covered in sugar that you don't want to eat. This one looks and tastes just like slices of fresh mango, all with the added benefit of not having it drip down your arms while you eat. 

This mango is not as smushed as I had feared it might be, and without any added sugar, I don't feel guilty eating it especially since one serving has 100mg of potassium and 20mg of Vitamin C, 2% and 20% of your recommended daily intact, respectively. 

Cinnamon Apple

The Cinnamon Apples are perfect for fall. The apples are sliced into two-bite sized pieces and coated with cinnamon (the only fruit to have an added ingredient). They are basically an apple pie, just without the pie crust.

I can't say these are my favorite, but for everyone out there who doesn't like plain apple slices, Crunchies has the solution for you. They are a great alternative to eating an apple when you're on the go, because you don't have to throw out the core, or risk it turning brown if you take too long to finish eating.