We're all on the comedown from the endless holiday hangovers. If you're getting PTSD every time you see the stash of almost-empty bottles in your kitchen, rest assured that we feel you. Here are some ways to use up that old booze that don't involve chugging it while dancing in a dorm room to Bieber.


For all the basic b*tches out there, you probably have an abundance of Smirnoff and Svedka just waiting to be mixed with cranberry juice—but there's only so many nights you can spend being "white girl wasted".

If you're totally sick of eating pasta with tomato sauce from the jar, dress it up with some simple vodka sauce. For a sweeter solution, whip up an extra flaky pie crust to bring in the holiday season.


As much as everyone loves late nights at the club and trashy frat parties, you always have to make time for a good old fashioned wine night. But if you went a little overboard and invested in too much three-buck-chuck (if there even is such a thing), we've got you covered.

For the aspiring dorm-room gourmet chef, whip up some easy (but totally classy)  white wine sauce to spice up your daily dose of pasta. If you'd rather satisfy your sweet tooth, some decadent chocolate cupcakes are sure to do the trick.


Ahh, tequila, everyone's favorite mistake. Chugging the rest of that José Cuervo bottle is a surefire to end up making out with your ex while all your friends watch before turning the bathroom floor into your bed for the night. Olay!

So instead of passing out at the pregame, spice it up with some spiked chips and dip or fancy deep fried shots. For the slightly weaker at heart, roll your Don Julio in some flour and sugar and serve them for a drunken dessert at the afterparty.

Whiskey or Bourbon

One of the rarer drinks of choice among the college crowd, there's a good chance your leftover bourbon is probably an unopened Christmas gift (from last year). After all, we can't all be whiskey dads.

The best solution for your Jack Daniels is the same as the cure for just about anything—add bacon. You seriously can't go wrong with a some maple-bacon-whiskey cupcakes, or even bourbon glazed bacon. For the rare breed of non-bacon-lovers, try your luck at a traditional Irish burger.


Who doesn't have a few half empty six-packs lying around their fridge? Even though beer is one of the easiest beverages to drink casually with dinner,

Beer is quite possibly one of the easiest alcohols to cook with, because it can go with almost anything—from waffles to cupcakes, and even cheesy dip. Of course, you could also always donate it to the frat guys down the hall.