It's cuffing season and you just asked out your crush. You want to go above and beyond with a date night but don't know where to start. Or, you're at home stressing out about creating the perfect date night for your 6th month anniversary but you just paid the bills. Don't worry, I'm here to give you all of the latest tips and tricks to pull off a five star date with a very low budget. Love is in the air this season, and we are going to set it off right with these creative and inexpensive date night ideas.

A Whole New World

Show your boo a different world and head towards your local planetarium for a date night. See the stars you would have never seen with all the city lights and smog in the way. Many planetariums host daily shows of the night sky digitally or have days that are centered around astronomical events. Tickets are as cheap as $5 to $7 per person and many have special deals depending on the time of year.

A Picnic with Bae

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Surprise your sweetheart with a cute picnic filled with each others favorite foods and drinks. Just imagine, a rose in between the two of you as the both of you sip on some wine, the sun sets creating a special moment for the two of you to remember for a lifetime. Step the romance up and give your sweetheart a star that you two will forever share. Not only will you have them in love, but you also saved a fortune!

Pull Up to the Movies

Literally! Go back in time and have a relaxing date night at a drive-in movie theater. The Starlight Drive-In Threatre, for example, shows the hottest and latest movies that just came out in the movie theater. Forget sitting in a cold movie theater with snacks that cost $20 just alone! Kick back and relax in the comfort of your own car. Tickets are only $9 and gas prices are dropping!

X Marks the Spot

Think outside the box and create a scavenger hunt for a date night idea. Set up clues and riddles that lead to the place where y'all first kissed, for example, or to gifts that hold a special meaning. You also gain more time to set up a different surprise as your significant other run around town all day long. A scavenger hunt is a creative way to lead your girl to the spot where you finally propose and she will forever remember the day.

Art After Dark

Take a visit to a local art museum and catch a glimpse of the most amazing piece of artwork (aka bae). Go to the art shows in town and get some culture in your life. Many art show prices range from free to $10 at the most and many art museums hold special events that might be free! Free art has never disappointed anyone and they also have free food at these events, even better.

Time To Steal Hearts 

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Start off your cuffing season the right way with these creative date night ideas no one would think of. Not only will you set yourself apart from everyone else, but you also raised the bar and nobody will be able to compete with you. Show your significant other how much they mean to you with actions that came from the soul.