Canned-foods are cool because they tend to be cheaper and can be kept for a long time (you can stock them up in advance). Therefore, it is worth learning how to be creative when making canned-food inspired dishes. Here are a few hot tips.

1. Think along the lines of bakes, casseroles, soups, stuffings, but also salads, enchiladas and pies.

SPAM + Chili Enchilada. Chili salad. Easy tuna pot pie. Get innovative. 

2. Canned-tomatoes have much more potential than "spaghetti sauce".

It is possible to turn them into salsa. You can include them in your "chili", which definitely creates a deeper flavor. Cook Farro in a canned-tomato-based-sauce.

3. Coconut milk isn't just for curries.

As a general rule, vegans and people who practice keto like substituting milk with coconut milk. But if you are not vegan nor a keto diet follower, still do go ahead and check this out to get an idea of the various ways coconut milk could be used. 

How about coconut milk crepes for breakfast? 

You might also want to go through this short and sweet article about 5 Mistakes to Avoid with Canned Coconut Milk.

4. Throw some nuts into your canned-food-inspired-chili/stir-fry.

Nuts work up your appetite by improving the texture of your canned-food-inspired-dish. Nuts even add extra nutrition. Toss in almonds, water chestnuts (pseudo-nuts), cashews or walnuts.

5. Chickpeas > Nuggets, not just Hummus.

Here's a well-rated chickpea nugget recipe

6. Tuna belongs in sandwiches,

but also in Poke bowls, fish cakes, tuna patties, etc.

Here's another  fish cake recipe.

7. Say hello to asian-nized tuna dishes.

-Asian Tuna Salad,

-Thai Tuna Wraps,

-Asian Tuna Salad Sandwich,

-Cold noodles with Tuna and Kimchi.

-Korean style Tuna cakes

For sure, I left out a lot of other canned foods, such as Campbell's fabulous soup selection. Speaking of Campbell, check out this 5-ingredient (which includes black pepper and milk!) recipe for a Classic Green Bean Casserole (uses canned beans). Or design your own canned-food-inspired recipe. All you need is imagination, some common sense knowledge on cooking and the courage to explore all sorts of available canned foods.