kitchen gadgets

Photo Courtesy of As Seen on TV


No, it is not a sex position. The Veggetti is another wonderful creation from the beautiful minds at “As Seen on TV”. An ingenious little piece of craftsmanship, the Veggetti uses a proliferated blade to turn any vegetable into a stringy, spaghetti like shape. Vegetable pastas eliminate those shameful carb overloads and actually introduce all of those important micro nutrients into our diet. At  $14.99 the Veggetti is a no brainer for any of your gluten free or vegan friends.

kitchen gadgets

Photo Courtesy of Cuisinart


Immersion Hand Blender

If the magic wand of Harry Potter accidentally fell into a blender, the result would be the immersion hand blender. This useful tool brings the blender to you. A long power cord makes it easy to use, and it’s a blessing for those who prefer a one pot meal. The blade portion easily detaches and makes for a simple clean up. Cook some of your favorite vegetables in a pot, thrown in some liquid, and let the immersion blender work its magic to make you a quick vegetable soup.


kitchen gadgets

Photo Courtesy of That! Inventions


SpreadTHAT is one of those inventions mankind needed a century ago. This butter knife combines “super efficient heat conducting technologies” to make it possible to cut and spread cold butter by simply using your body heat. No electricity necessary. The knife is made out of titanium and is dishwasher safe. Not to mention it looks pretty sexy. For only $19.95 you can change the way someone eats a bagel. Now that’s powerful.


kitchen gadgets

Photo Courtesy of L.T. Miller

Kickball Ice Cream Maker

This one might be a little gimmicky, but you can’t argue with the science. Simply throw in some cream, sugar, ice and flavorings then hand the kickball ice cream maker off to an overly energetic niece or nephew. Come back twenty minutes later and see what that unchanneled energy has created. Hopefully they’ll fall asleep and you alone will reap the benefits of their youth.


kitchen gadgets

Photo Courtesy of Philips



This item is going to revolutionize the way we fry food. The AirFryer uses the natural oils in meats and frozen french fries to crisply cook them without the use of a deep fryer. Although pricier than other items, this one has an obvious value. Eliminating messy oil helps avoid extra cleaning time and artery clogging saturated fat.