After Halloween, you may start to notice a lot of subtle signals of the impending holiday season. Gingerbread house kits, sugar cookies, and various peppermint-flavored goodies replace the enormous packages of candy in bulk at local drugstores. Starbucks releases its new holiday drinks, trading in its Witch's Brew Frap for cozy Toasted White Chocolate Mochas. The smell of sugar cookie candles somehow becomes 10 times more appealing.

But to me, nothing is more emblematic of the holiday season than candy canes. These sugary, minty candies have always been one of my favorite seasonal Christmas treats, and, every year, I look forward to seeing them on shelves again. But in recent years, candy manufacturers have been taking some creative liberties with these iconic confections, resulting in some interesting flavors. Here are some of the most out-there candy cane flavors hitting the shelves for Christmas 2018.

1. Oreo Candy Canes

Not the way we would have combined the classic childhood cookie with candy canes, but hey, I suppose someone wanted this to happen. 

2. Swedish Fish Candy Canes

Two classic candies combined into one, what could go wrong? This flavor is perfect for the indecisive among us who can't choose which candy they're in the mood for. 

3. Clamdy Canes

Aside from the cute and punny name, Clamdy Canes might just rank as most obscure (and probably disgusting) on this list. Italians might like their 7 fishes for Christmas dinner, but we can assure these will not be one of them.

4. Pickle Candy Canes

The briny flavor of pickles with that of sugary candy canes is an unexpected flavor combination. To be quite honest, we don't think it's one that should have ever come into existence. 

5. Curley Cane

If candy canes weren't sweet enough for you already, these dessert-inspired candy canes are perfect for you. However, we can't promise that these candy canes will taste as good as the iconic desserts they take after. 

6. Coal Candy Canes

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" more than a lovely gift of coal. Designed for the naughty, these smoky cinnamon flavored candy canes are sure to burn both your holiday spirit and your mouth.

7. Lemonhead Candy Canes

Pucker up! The zesty candy canes have the same strong tangy lemon flavor as the original sucking candies. 

8. Mac and Cheese Candy Canes

Mac and cheese is a holy grail food. It is one of the most well-loved foods for children and adults alike. In candy form, I don't think we can say the same. 

9. Cold Stone Creamery Candy Canes

These candy canes have the deliciousness of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream without the brain freeze. The variety pack includes some of Cold Stone's most popular flavors: Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Our Strawberry Blonde, and Birthday Cake Remix.

10. Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes

If you are ever craving rotisserie chicken, but you aren't in the mood for chowing down on a drumstick, fear not. You can simply lick a candy cane to get the same salty, fatty flavor. Unless you are of the adventurous type, you might just prefer nibbling on a real rotisserie chicken bone.

11. WarHeads Candy Canes

Halloween is never complete unless one person takes on the WarHeads challenge (you know the one that makes your face pucker and your eyes water). As an ode to the changing seasons, WarHeads has created candy canes. Fortunately, they only have a fraction of the citric acid that typically found in the small candy.

12. Flavorless Candy Canes

Candy canes are known for their signature red and white strips. And while many of the candy canes listed deviate from the norm, none are quite as boring and glum. If you do have a Scrooge in your life, you will surely have the ideal gift.

The holiday season is for everyone to enjoy. Candy canes are another way of sharing appreciation for someone, even if they are odd flavors. Whether you want something cheesy (figuratively or literally), chocolatey, or fruity, the ever growing market can fill everything on your wish list.