When you're blinded by love, going out to eat isn't a big deal. After the honeymoon phase is over, however, it becomes the only deal. Since dates normally happen at restaurants, whenever you're part of a couple, food is a hot topic.

When food is on your mind, you're most likely already hangry—and when you're hangry, anything can happen. Fighting about food is not uncommon. If you're part of a couple, you've been here before. If not, take this as a warning. 

Stage 1: When whatever is actually fine.

Where you go to dinner simply doesn't matter in the honeymoon phase—even if you end up at a sushi restaurant and hate sushi. No matter where you go, the food will be fine because you're a true couple, so you only have eyes for your bae.

Stage 2: So, you've found a "spot."

So now that you've been dating a while, you've most likely found a "spot" where you and your significant other frequent. It was cute at first—and definitely one of these types—but after going there week after week, you're starting to grow tired. However, you know your boo matters most, so you're willing to put up with it.

Stage 3: Things start to get passive aggressive.

Okay, you're sick of your spot. It isn't fun anymore. You are starting to drop hints that you're ready to do something else, like discovering a new restaurant, but the S/O is just not getting it. Your anger stays inside though, because ultimately you don't want to start a fight. Love is sacrifice, right?

Stage 4: The hanger is real.

Things start to get less passive and more aggressive. Conversations begin in a simple question: "Where should we eat?" and somehow end in tears. The same conversation leads to so much monotony that you might not be able to take.

Stage 5A: Compromise is key.

If you really love them, your decisions will be based on your compatibility instead of your dinner. In any relationship, compromise is key. One of you wants tacos and the other wants pizza? Try a taco pizza. This is cute, but it also is a gift to the rest of us because fusion food is effin' bomb.

Stage 5B: It's over.

Sometimes, food is too important to sacrifice. It's hard to want to manage a relationship when you know you can eat a pizza and watch Netflix alone. As I've said before, compromise is so important. Just don't compromise, say, your love of raw fish.

Stage 5C: New restaurant, new boo.

You ditch your S/O for a new restaurant; one where you and only you want to go. And while you're diving into your pasta, you're eyeing the cutie across the room...